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Hire the best Instagram influencers and create a campaign in 5 minutes where it usually takes days.


Advertisers can subtly reach their audience with more impact. Influential Instagram users can make money promoting brands or products they like. Everybody wins.


92% of consumers trust influencers recommendations over traditional advertising when it comes to purchasing decisions. Instagram influencer marketing with Ifluenz has a ROI 12x higher than traditional digital means.


Influencers preview is free. Our automation process allows us to cut down the price. Start a campaign for as low as $15.On-demand. All included.

Who are our influencers

Our thousands of influencers have a highly engaged audience. They have more than just large followings, they generate action, and are influential in a wide range of interests and demographics. Our influencers screening process ensures that your campaign reaches the right audience for best results.


Registered influencers worldwide and counting...

Here's a few of them.


What is Ifluenz?
Ifluenz is a platform connecting Instagram influencers and brands for product placement campaign on Instagram.

With the platform, you can promote brands and their products on your Instagram account and get paid for it.
Can I become an influencer?
To become an influencer on Ifluenz, you need to have at least 5,000 followers on Instagram. Also, you need to have quality content on your Instagram account, and your audience must be highly engaged (no fake followers). Also, your account must be public.
Do I have to pay anything to register or to promote brands?
No. You don’t have to pay anything.
How much money can I make promoting a brand/product?
It all depends on your followers count. For example, if you have 5,000 followers (the minimum to be eligible), you will earn $10 per validated post. If you have 500,000 followers, you will earn $ 1,000 per validated post. The average amount that you will get is $2 per 1,000 followers (audience).
Why don't I see any campaigns to promote on my dashboard?
We have more influencers than available campaigns to promote. Therefore, the competition among influencers is strong. Influencers with good quality content and a high engagement rate are more likely to be selected for collaborations.
How can I post a picture promoting the product if I don’t have such product?
For each standard campaign, brands upload images that you will use to promote the product. Therefore, you can simply publish one of these images on your Instagram feed with a positive caption mentioning the brand’s Instagram account. For personalized campaigns, the brand can send you the product enabling you to promote it in person.
Can I promote the brand in a story or a video?
No, unless instructed differently, the promotion has to be done with a picture post.
How long do I have to keep the post up?
You need to keep the post up for at least 7 days after submitting it on your Ifluenz dashboard. After the 7-day validation period, you can remove the post.
When do I get paid?
You will get paid 7 days after submitting your post in your Ifluenz dashboard (validation period). Don’t forget to click on “redeem my money.”
How will the payment be made?
The payment will be sent directly to your PayPal account. Wire transfer is also available at an additional cost.
What is Ifluenz?
Ifluenz is a platform connecting influencers and brands for product placement campaigns on Instagram.

With Ifluenz, brands can find the perfect influencers to promote their brands and products to targeted potential customers.
Who can use Ifluenz?
Any brands, marketers, PR, and communication agencies can use Ifluenz.

Instagram influencers with at least 5,000 followers and a highly engaged audience are also eligible to use Ifluenz.
Do I have to pay anything to register?
No. Registration is totally free. You can also preview influencers for free. You only pay on-demand for each fully promoted campaign you create.
How much does it cost to promote my brand or product?
You can start a standard campaign for as low as $15, all included. For this amount, your campaign will be promoted by an influencer who as at least 5,000 followers. Pricing is proportional to the targeted audience. The more you pay, the bigger the audience will be.

For personalized campaigns, as it is a tailor-made service, pricing will depend on your specific campaign requirements. Usually, pricing ranges from $3 to $5 per 1,000 people potentially reached. The minimum budget for personalized campaign is $1000.
Does the price I pay include the influencer’s compensation?
Yes. You pay Ifluenz, and we secure your payment until your campaign is fully promoted by the influencer. Once your campaign is completed and validated, we release the payment to the influencer.
How long does it take to create a campaign?
It takes about 5 minutes to create a campaign.
How good are the influencers?
All of our influencers have at least 5,000 Instagram followers. Once they are registered, our influencers have to undergo an in-depth verification process where we make sure that they post quality content and that they have a highly engaged and real audience.
How do I identify the ideal influencer for my campaign?
When you create a campaign, all the indicated criteria (location, age, the gender of the influencer as well as your budget and business type, etc.) will be compared to our database of thousands of registered influencers. Our algorithms will then select and show you up to 12 influencers best matching your campaign requirements. That way, it is easier for you to spot out and select the best influencers for your brand.

Our algorithms review, classify, and rank Instagram influencers to best fit your campaign requirements. This ensures that your campaign will be promoted by the most appropriate influencer to have maximum impact and results.
Can I select the influencer that will promote my brand?
Yes, for each campaign, you can preview and preselect up to 12 influencers. Out of your preselection, the first influencer to accept your campaign will be the one promoting it.
How will the influencer promote my brand/product?
The influencer will post on their Instagram account one of the pictures you have provided and will make a positive comment about your brand/product. Also, he/she will mention your brand’s Instagram account.
How many influencers will promote my campaign?
Each campaign is promoted by one influencer only. If you want many influencers to promote your campaign, you can either create multiple standard campaigns or create one personalized campaign indicating the number of influencers you need.
I have created a campaign, but none of the preselected influencers are promoting it
When you create a campaign, the influencers that you preselect to promote it are notified. They can either accept the invite to promote your campaign or deny it. The most common reason for denying a campaign is that the provided images are not appealing enough to their audience. Influencers work hard to gain followers, and they are selective about what they publish on their Instagram page. For this reason, make sure that the images you provide for your campaign are of good quality and relevant for Instagram.

If none of the influencers you have preselected accept the invitation to promote your campaign after 2 days, we will send them a reminder. After 5 days, we will make your campaign available to other influencers matching your campaign requirements.

In the very unlikely event that your campaign does not get promoted after 30 days, you will be able to request the full reimbursement of your payment.
Can I communicate directly with the influencer?
No. All instructions shall be addressed to us, and we will liaise with the influencer.
How can I make sure that my brand has really been promoted?
From your Ifluenz dashboard, you can see the progress of your campaign. Once your brand is promoted by an influencer, you will have 7 days to report the post if you consider that it does not comply with our posting guidelines or if it was not done properly.
How many pictures will the influencer post to promote my brand?
For each standard campaign, the influencer posts one picture. For more, you need to create a personalized campaign.
How long will the promoting post stay visible?
The influencer has to leave the post up for at least 7 days before deleting it. Often, the influencer does not delete the post at all.
Will the influencer post pictures, videos, stories?
As of now, with standard campaigns, promotions are made using pictures only. For videos and stories, you have to create a personalized campaign.
I want to give very specific posting instructions to the influencer
If you want to give very specific posting instructions to the influencer, you need to create a personalized campaign. With a personalized campaign, you can define every aspect of the post that will be made by the influencer.
What kind of pictures do I have to upload for the influencers?
For standard campaigns, the influencer will post on his/her Instagram account an image provided by you. So, when you create your campaign, make sure to upload beautiful and appealing pictures. No face should be visible on the pictures you upload. In fact, when the influencer uploads your image to their Instagram to promote your brand, they will use it as if the image were own.
What is the difference between a standard campaign and a personalized campaign?
Standard campaign =
- A short list of up to 12 of the best matching influencers is presented to you, and you select the influencers you prefer to promote your brand. The first influencer to accept your campaign will be the one to promote it. This person will post one picture for each campaign.
- The influencer posts on their Instagram account one of the pictures provided by you.
- The influencer makes a positive comment (of their choice) and mentions your brand’s Instagram account
- Price = $3 for an audience of 1,000 people (proportional). The minimum campaign budget is $15.

Personalized campaign =
- We present to you an extensive list of influencers profiles best matching your campaign requirements. You confirm the ones you prefer to promote your brand.
- The influencers can post either the image you provide or they can take a picture of themselves with your product and post it on their Instagram account. It's up to you.
- You can specify every detail of your campaign including: specific caption, posting time, link to your website in bio, validation of the image before posting, number of posts, etc.
- The influencers can also make stories and videos to promote your brand/product.
- Price = Depending on the specific campaign requirements but usually between $3 and $5 for an audience of 1,000 people (proportional). The minimum campaign budget is $1,000.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queries ;)