The Instagram influencer marketing platform

Easy to use.

Friendly user experience, simple and clear step-by-step processes, we make it all easy.


Advertisers can subtly reach their audience with more impact. Influential Instagram users can make money promoting brands or products they like. Everybody wins.


People don’t like advertisements. But they also want to buy the same products that the people they appreciate or admire use. Ifluenz helps to promote brands and products through influencers.


Influencers and advertisers are now under one roof. We just connect them discretely.

Who are our influencers

Our thousands of influencers have a highly engaged audience. They have more than just large followings, they generate action, and are influential in a wide range of interests and demographics. Our influencers screening process ensures that your campaign reaches the right audience for best results.

Here are a few of them...


How often can I post on my Instagram account to promote a brand?
In order to avoid spamming your followers, you can only promote a brand once every two days.
I want to promote a brand but I don’t have one of its products to take a picture of. What can I do?
When you select a brand you want to promote, you get access to images uploaded by the brand wishing to be promoted. You can simply post one of these images on your Instagram account along with a positive comment.
When will I receive the money for the promotions I’ve made?
You will receive the payment on your PayPal account 7 days after submitting the link to your Instagram post on Ifluenz. These 7 days are necessary before making the payment to make sure you don’t delete your post right away after receiving the money.
How much money can I make by promoting a brand or product?
It all depends on your number of followers. For example, if you have 120,000 followers, you will receive $240 for one post, which represents a maximum of $3,600 per month. If you have 5,000 followers (the minimum to be eligible) you will receive $10 for one post.
How much does it cost to promote my brand or product?
You can start a campaign for as low as $15. This reaches about 5,000 people in your target audience.
How can I make sure that my brand has really been promoted?
For each promotion, you will receive the link to the Instagram post made by the influencer. You will have 7 days to report the post if you consider that it does not comply with the posting guidelines. In addition, we will verify that the Instagram post promoting your brand or product is not deleted by the influencer within 7 days.
Can I choose which Instagram user will promote my brand?
We select, review and classify Instagram users to best fit your needs and to more efficiently reach your target audience. To guarantee the full independence of the promoters, you can’t specifically choose a particular Instagram user to promote your brand.