Everything You Need to Create a Successful Christmas Influencer Campaign

The influencer campaign entails partnering with influencers to carry out a marketing campaign. It helps to introduce the business to a new audience and remind the old clients about the brand. These are known personalities that can reach out to potential customers and put them in the spirit of buying.

This year, business activities slowed down a little bit because of the pandemic. For instance, the gaming industry was badly hit. Social distance measures made it difficult for players who love visiting casinos to enjoy their game. They resorted to online gaming. But as the dust settles, there is a need to launch a marketing campaign to attract players.

Indeed, the holidays provide the right time to get to your targeted client and convince them to buy your products. Here are the six steps that could help you to optimize the holiday marketing campaign.


1. Have a Budget and Set Your Goals for the Marketing Campaign

The goal is to maximize sales during the holidays. Typically, this is the time consumers visit shops to buy gifts. It is time they buy decorations and ensure that their homes are equipped with the latest tech devices. If you set the right marketing campaign goals, you may boost your sales and recover the losses you may have made earlier in the year.

Also, in your marketing campaign, you need to remember that this year’s shopping season may start earlier because people want to avoid crowds that are likely to be seen closer to the holidays. For that reason, have a budget for the season, including the products you intend to give the influencer to promote early enough. Also, you need to prepare and have the content that will be used for the marketing campaign.


2. Have a Plan for Key Moments

Key moments are important in an influencer marketing campaign strategy. So plan when the influencer should post the content and have the items displayed. Let them capitalize on the cyber weekend that will be running from Friday to Monday.
Have activities that you will run to enhance the marketing campaign that will target this Black Friday. This is the time you should make postings and create your brand awareness in the holiday marketing strategy.


3. Recruit the Right Influencer

Having a wrong influencer doing the marketing campaign may not give you the desired results. So there is a need to recruit the right person to carry out the holiday marketing campaign for you. Assess your customers and find out those that have a social reach. Such customers could be important for affiliate campaigns. They are valuable customers who are already in love with the brand. Therefore, they could easily be used to carry out a marketing campaign and promote the products during the holidays.

Therefore, recruiting influencers who are already using the product is a plus. They have first-hand information to use to convince potential customers to buy the brand.

Influencer profile


4. Have your online store decorated

The best way to do this is to have how’s and why’s questions answered. Also, you need to have a targeted audience in mind and know what they like or detest. Once this is done, you will need to pay attention to the audience buying action. You may also need to set a holiday theme in your marketing campaign to get the customer into the buying mood.

Tailor the social media profile in your marketing campaign and let it remind the audience that the holiday season is here. Also, customize the website so that any visitor that lands on it is reminded of the holiday season. If possible, the marketing campaign strategy should create new content for the landing page with the new theme that triggers pop-ups on other pages. All these activities are intended to help streamline the journey of the paying customer.

Things like Christmas ribbon and snowman should be used on your social media profile and in pop-ups on your website. A cover photo of flowers could be a good reminder in your marketing campaign that the festive season is here. It will go a long way to enhance your content marketing plan.

If there are any offers you are giving during the marketing campaign, ensure that the message is clear and explicit. Let them know the savings they will make if they buy the products now rather than later.


5. Find A Great Way to Announce Deals

Deals should be announced in light pop-ups that grab the attention of buyers. Besides, use deals and attractive pop-ups to create an appealing landing page. Also, add a timer on the site to elicit urgency.

Lastly, write appealing social media posts and use tools such as Canva to design a beautiful page. Also, use Google keyword planner to generate buyer enhancing keywords to use in your marketing campaign posts.

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6. Spread the message on major social media platforms

Once you finish designing and beautifying your online store, it is time to let shoppers know the deals available through a targeted marketing campaign. Your influencer should help you spread the message across the major social media you planned to use in your marketing strategy. Instagram has about 100 million active users, while FB has 3.8 billion. LinkedIn has 610 million, while Pinterest has 291 million active users. It would help if you paraded your brand and the holiday deals to this audience in your marketing campaign. Promote the offers you have across the platforms, and on the groups you have joined.

Also, use paid promotions to attract traffic to your landing page. The marketing campaign should let them be aware of the offers and promotions available. You may use different ads on different platforms to help to enhance traction. If your marketing budget is big, the marketing campaign may run ads on LinkedIn, Facebook ads, Google Ads, and PPC.


At this point, you have a clear route to follow to help you optimize the influencer during this holiday season. But remember to start the marketing campaign early and incorporate activities that brought you success in the previous holidays. With this information, you can become a successful holiday marketing expert.

Feel free to share any other thing that you think store owners should incorporate in their marketing campaign to enhance sales during the forthcoming Christmas holidays.

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