5 simple tips to use Instagram properly for your business

Nowadays, few businesses can be successful without having an account on Instagram. No matter what your business is or how big your company is, Instagram is a perfect platform to boost your business engagement. Instagram is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your business website.

In this modern era, you have to have an Instagram account for your business. Yes, I said you have to because People like to follow businesses they can trust. Without an Instagram account, you miss the biggest platform to enhance the trust between you and your customers. Now, Instagram has more than 500,000,000 active users, and according to Statista, among them, more than 200,000,000 users visit at least one Business Profile daily.

We hope that you have realized how important it is for your business is to have an Instagram account by now. In what follows, we are going to provide you with simple tips to use Instagram properly for your business.


1. Build a strong relationship with your followers


Every feature of Instagram has been invented to help you improve your relationship to share more information about your product, brand, and business in order to enhance them. So we urge you to make a strong relationship with your followers.

You need your customers to trust your business for having a good relationship. It would be best if you tried to build this trust. You would have a question: what should you do? It has a simple solution. Your followers need to know you and your product and business. For example, they want to know where your products come from. Show them. They also have a natural curiosity about your personal life independent of your business. So let them get to know you. You can use the story highlight to introduce yourself for this purpose.

Reply to your customers’ comments. When you respond, you show them that you are not a Bot and you are real and show them they are important. So users feel motivated to keep engaging with your brand.


2. Create a great profile page


Your profile page is the first thing that pops up in your viewers’ eyes. It would help if you considered that all people coming to your profile are not going to follow you. So you should use both aesthetic features and follow a good strategy to create a great profile page. Your profile page has different sections you can use to absorb more viewers.

  • Choose your profile picture wisely 

You need a clear photo with a high resolution as your profile photo. Choose the correct profile picture to help people recognize your brand immediately. The result shows using a logo of your brand is a better choice than a photo yourself. For example, Cocacola company uses its own brand logo as its Instagram profile photo.

coca cola IG


  • Your Instagram bio

You have 150 characters to write your bio. Use these characters to make an appealing bio for your viewers. In this way, I recommend you to use emojis. Emojis let you transfer your emotions simply. So don’t forget to use them☺. On the other hand, bio is the only place you can add a clickable link. You can increase the traffic to your website by conveying your customers from your Instagram account on your website.

  Don’t forget the power of hashtag (#) in your Instagram bio. Adding custom hashtags in your Instagram bio enables your viewers to view the relevant subject by tapping on the hashtags directly. Cocacola company uses the hashtag in its Instagram bio (marked in the figure in green). When you tap on the hashtag, all posts using this hashtag are shown.

There is a simple tip, ask yourself this question (Why should my viewers prefer to follow my page over my competitors’?). Try to create your Instagram bio so that this question is answered.


  • Your Instagram feed should have harmony

You had better tell the story by your posts on your Instagram feed. In this way, your posts are better to have harmony. Coca Cola company with 2.7 million followers, has followed a unique harmony that fits with its brand image in red.

Coca Cola Instagram page


3. Post content with strategy


As far as the lifespan of each post on Instagram is not very long, you should post thoughtfully. Use different analytics to find the best time, best content, and best hashtags to reach your target customers. 

 If you post a lot daily, you look spammy on your followers’ feed. If you post seldom, you would be forgotten. As a result, you should find the optimum number of posts at the best time for your specific page by trial and error.

The results show that among 1 million Instagram images, photos with faces are 38% more likely to receive likes, and 32% more likely to receive comments. Gucci company with 41.9 million followers, use this tip correctly. As you can see, most of Gucci’s posts contain a face.

Gucci Instagram page

You can also show your customers how they can use your products in different ways. For example, if you run a clothes store on Instagram, you can show how to use your various products in your posts. In this way, you can introduce your new product and help you sell your old product left in stock.

You have found the best number of your daily posts and the best time, still have a low engagement? Don’t worry, there are still more ways to boost your engagement rate if it’s down


4. Use hashtag


Although posts’ content is not searchable, using hashtags makes your posts searchable. So do not underestimate the power of hashtags. Results show that the post with hashtags gives a larger reach. But how?

People on Instagram find what they are desired by searching the keywords. Depending on the type of your product and your target audience, put your keywords in a different bucket, and use them based on your post content and your business field. So when people search the keywords, your posts will be displayed to them.

To be more specific, you should use the hashtag to ensure your target audience would search for them. For example, if you run a company where you offer a wedding planning service, #weddingtrends, #belovedweddingstories could be the best hashtags for you because people are searching for them.  

You can add 30 hashtags per post on Instagram. Choose the correct hashtag enables you to enhance your exposure to new viewers, which means you can introduce your product to a wide variety of people who could be your future customers. As a result, choose hashtags related to your business.


5. Undertake influencers’ power 


Suppose you enroll in this article to reach this part. In that case, you choose one of the most powerful tips to use Instagram properly for your business. Influencers play a prominent role in the Instagram business world, helping boost your business. Most people think asking for help from influencers costs a fortune. Although it’s true, there are also some free ways to undertake the influencers’ power to promote your business exposure. 

Comment on influencers’ posts, mention them in your posts and stories, use their hashtags in your posts are the best ways you can use. So, even if you do not get influencers’ attention, you can get their followers’ attention, who can be your future customers. But notice that you should find influencers who work in the same field as your business and have already built a large audience.

To put it in a nutshell, when you communicate with more audiences, you have a chance to introduce your business to more people. Indeed, the more followers you gain, the more opportunity you have to enhance your business and find customers. All these five tips mentioned in this article are practical when you have many followers who care. Gaining this number of followers needs a lot of effort and time to achieve the best result.

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