This is Why B2B Brands and Business Are Drooling Over Native Advertising

Native advertising is the unintrusive format of advertising that takes the form and function of the native platform. In many instances, you will think of it as an advertorial but, it is an advertisement.

Consumers love the native ads as they do not hinder or obstruct their browsing behaviour, and are connected with whatever they are looking for on the platform. It almost looks similar to the place where you are reading it, so you wont feel like it is an advertisement.

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How Influencer Marketing Can Benefit Your SEO Strategy

For the past several years, influencer collaborations have become the go-to solution for all kinds of marketing benefits, and brands are still heavily relying on this single tactic to grow their digital relevance.
As this strategy has become so overwhelmingly popular and widely implemented, Google and other search engines have recognized it as a valid contributing factor to any SEO strategy. So, if you’re in need of an SEO boost, perhaps you should think of a collaboration that will leverage your reputation and put forth your brand’s finest features for all the world to see. Here’s how influencer marketing can jump-start your SEO efforts this year.

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