Best Tips to Leverage User-Generated Content on Instagram

It’s fresh, maybe even unique, and perhaps undeniably true! There’s something really special pushing for user-generated content (UGC), especially on a user-centric platform such as Instagram. The organic and authentic effect users have over big brands does resonate a lot with consumers, allowing for higher chances of engagement and sales.

Of course, this approach needs to be done properly. You simply cannot just force UGC in your campaign. That natural and free-flowing vibe is what makes UGC such a hit on social media platforms. Here are some easy yet efficient tips to leverage UGC for your successful Instagram marketing campaigns.

Get that Instagram Vibe

Instagram is essentially a social media platform that allows users to best express themselves. And tapping UGC in this network essentially means that your brand needs to cater to this platform’s users.

Find out what makes your product or service truly unique to get into that Instagram vibe you’re looking for. And that key trait will help you craft a message that will help you engage and leverage UGC!

A good case to consider is Packlane, a company that does custom packaging. By tapping into creating packages that will best reflect a user’s/brand’s identity, this company can encourage UGC by simply asking users to post images of their custom packages.

The Power of a Hashtag

Just to it influencer hashtag

An easy way to let users provide you with fresh content is through a hashtag. A branded hashtag that connects to targeted users (and their followers) can quickly spread, if you get the messaging right.

Granted that you’re able to craft and resonate a striking message, you can now then curate the best UGC that promoted your hashtag. Effective hashtags that result in great UGC are those that do the following:

  • Clearly state a message
  • Don’t blatantly sell an idea or a product
  • Resonate with a lifestyle
  • Give incentives to users for promoting and sharing

It’s that powerful—a good hashtag can lead you to some of the best UGC you can use for your campaign.

Ask and Credit

Always make sure to ask a user permission to use their content, even if it already includes your hashtag. Additionally, making sure to properly credit UGC is essential to making your Instagram campaign a success. Make sure to tag the users when you’ve asked permission to use their UGC, and properly address how their content is an asset to your campaign.

Leveraging UGC is building relationships—how you engage users will determine the quality of the content you can use.

State What’s in It for the Share

As mentioned earlier, you have to clearly state what’s in it for users to spread the word. Aside from giving proper credit, you may want to consider giving something in return for their efforts in helping spread the word.

Some consider giving coupons or product samples. Don’t go overboard on the rewards, though. Most users aren’t really after physical goods. More often, content creators are more into exposure. That’s the beauty of UGC: content creators inspired by your brand’s message will make sure to create something that can stand out.

That does tie back to the message or the hashtag you’re pushing—the clearer, the more relevant, and the more special your messaging is, the better the UGC will be.

Optimize the Message

Excellent UGC boils down to how efficient your message is. And crafting a message that will inspire influencers to do their magic is key in leveraging UGC.

Aside from focusing on and creating something from what makes your brand unique, you may want to incorporate some technical aspects in crafting that UGC messaging, as well. This is where using a combination of SEO and social media tracking tools can help you—here are some aspects to consider:

Plagiarism Checker

You do not want to use a caption that has already been used before. (What’s the point of recycling an existing one, anyway?)

Make sure to check for any existing or duplicate messaging that may affect UGC. Keyword-finder tools and hashtag checkers may also help you create your unique messaging or hashtag. The point of the matter is, tools are available for you to craft your message—it’s best to maximize your resources to get the best results.

Get Great UGC Today

Leveraging excellent UGC all depends on how efficient your brand’s messaging is. Inspire, inform, and share something relevant to get the content you need.

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