5 Reasons You Need Influencers To Promote Your Brand

If you haven’t heard of influencer marketing, you might be lagging behind your competition when it comes to social reach and influence.  Influencer marketing is a simple concept where you work with influential people within your industry/niche to promote your brand and product.  Here are 5 reasons why you should consider working with influencers for promotion:

  • Trust

Users are more likely to trust word of mouth recommendations from people they know or look up to. This is where influencers come in, they have a large audience that trusts them and their choices and this can seriously boost your brand. Influencers can represent your brand on multiple social media platforms and gain users’ trust. Consumers who trust a certain influencer are more likely to buy the brand’s product and services.  Moreover, the first batch of consumers can then have an impact on their connections and bring more attention to your brand.

  • Reach

As you can see above, influencer marketing can have a major impact on your brand’s reach. Influencers can have hundreds or even thousands of more followers on social media, compared to your brands’ pages. When influencers advertise your brand on social media, their readers will visit your website and may end up buying products/services. If they are pleased with the quality provided by your company, then they will likely talk about your brand with their friends, who in turn, are likely to visit your site.

  • SEO

When influencers share links related to your brand, it does wonders for your SEO. Brands that market effectively on social media have a significantly higher SEO ranking as search consider this as a factor.  Since the relationship between influencer and brand is mutually beneficial, the more profits the brand makes, the higher the profits for the influencer.  This motivates influencers to share more and thus, you gain more backlinks and mentions.

  • Engagement

Engaging with your audience on social media is a critical part of influential marketing. Influencers can help with this greatly. The more attention an influencer brings to your brand, the more their customers will follow you and engage with you.  The relationship between an influencer and their audience is different from that of a brand and it’s followers.  Influencers share a more caring relationship where followers care and interact wit h them on a daily basis. This can be integrated into the business’ relationship through the influencer, provided you can put in the effort.

  • Power

Companies often underestimate the power influencers have over their audience. When your company and influencers share the same interests, they are likely to put in a lot of effort while showcasing your products.  Influencers can understand social media platforms and have a knack for picking out the right settings, colors etc for your products. This makes the product look stunning and drives sales through the roof.  Influencers not only promote your product but also promote your business’s values, this builds trust among their audience and your own.

There are several key factors that are essential for successful influencer marketing.  Analytics play a major part in the success of social media marketing. There are several platforms like Ifluenz that combine aspects of social media marketing and influencer marketing in a single place. Choosing the right platform can have a tremendous positive impact on your campaign while the wrong one, can seriously hinder it. Like all forms of digital marketing, consistency is a must. Without consistency, you will not grow your reach or be heard over all the noise.

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