Why Influencers Join iFluenz?

Influencer marketing is one of the most important and upcoming forms of digital marketing. The reach, connect and return is instantaneous. The return on investment (ROI) is also measurable because you can set your budget and other campaign parameters when you try to choose influencers with credibility and good popularity on a social media channel. You can also choose influencers depending on your market type, target profile and their relevance to your field.

  • Why influencer marketing works?

1.Low cost and high return

Influencer marketing involves costs which are only a fraction of traditional advertising or even display and PPC advertising. You also don’t have to put in a huge effort to create credibility or increase visibility of your brand. This is because an influencer already has a lot of loyal followers who give importance to the opinions made by this influencer.

2.It can be easily tracked

A number of online metrics and software are available in the market which can easily track and analyze the performance and return on influencer marketing. You will know the exact number of conversions made by an influencer based on a region, a particular demography or behavioral pattern. It also improves your SEO efforts and gives your brand as well as your website/ blog/ social media accounts more visibility. Positive social interactions, also called social proof also improves your SERP ranking.

3.Better customer retention

Research reports suggest that influencer marketing is not only important for getting more visibility or one time conversion but according to R2iNSIGHTS, it provides 37% better customer retention than other marketing channels. It is a well known fact that servicing an old account is much more pocket-friendly and has a higher ROI than new accounts and customer acquisition.

4.Higher credibility and less nuisance value

Influencer marketing is native to the web. It is interwoven with organic content and information and is not as flashy or flagrant like paid media. It is also less intrusive, unlike display ads and banner ads or traditional airtime ads which are forced on you when consuming content of your choice. Influencer marketing enjoys a much larger credibility because someone you trust is endorsing a brand and you can also shoot questions and get your doubts cleared.

  • Influencers getting drawn to iFluenz

 Ifluenz is an Instagram influencer marketing platform. It is beneficial to all three parties involved in the marketing of a product or service- the brand, the influencer and the prospect. It brings both influencers and brands under a single roof and allows them to connect.

Brands can set a budget, other campaign parameters like the location of the influencer or the demographic conditions, etc and also upload images. They can then submit the campaign proposal. Influent members on Instagram can view the available campaigns and they can simply choose one that they think would interest their followers and then endorse it subtly on their Instagram page.

They can study the details submitted by the brand owner and describe it to his followers. They will not only see it but due to a strong community feeling on Instagram would in all probability also discuss about it. This will throw up more questions which will get answered by the brand owner as well as the influencer and increase awareness and visibility. This will lead to better conversion and sale.

After the mandatory promotion validation period where the brand determines whether the efforts of the influencer on iFluenz have fructified or not, the influencer will be paid through PayPal directly to his registered bank account.

An influencer gains in two ways. One is the financial windfall that befalls him due to his efforts. The other is that he can increase his influence and credibility in a particular domain if he can explain the various concepts and clear the doubts related to the product. Social media influence increases through word of mouth and through hashtags, etc. So, very quickly, an influencer can become a bigger authority than he already is, thanks to iFluenz.


iFluenz has the potential to revolutionize influencer marketing and give it more relevance in the coming days. Join it today as an influencer or a brand owner.



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