5 Common Questions about Instagram Influencers

If you have not heard about influencer marketing so far, you should probably crawl out from under that rock. More than 75 percent of global marketers participate in some form of influencer marketing due to its high success rate. While some people are still struggling with identifying the best ways to incorporate influencer marketing in their comprehensive strategies, many others have found great success with it.

One of the most popular types of this marketing form is Instagram influencer marketing. The photo-sharing application has over 800 million users, making it one of the largest pools for potential customers. Its user interface is much more appealing than other websites like Twitter and Facebook. The nature of the app is solely picture-oriented, which serves as its charm, unlike with boring text-based social networks. This charm is what makes Instagram a lot more popular for influencer marketing.

Whether you want to tap into the lucrative world of Instagram influencers or simply understand the scene, you probably have a bunch of questions swimming in your head. To help you understand who Instagram influencers are and what they do, here are five frequently asked questions.

What is influencer marketing?

Let us start with the tip of the iceberg. Influencer marketing may seem like a new trend, but this marketing strategy has been around for many years now. To explain it simply, it is a marketing method that employs public figures or celebrities to promote a product or brand to target audiences. While the concept of influencer marketing is not relatively new, what is recent is how everything is online these days. News, entertainment, updates, shopping, etc., are all available at the click of a button. Mainstream media has been segregated into online communities, making it easier for audiences to focus on what interests them most.

These communities house hundreds of thousands or millions of like-minded people who drift toward a voice. This voice holds the power of influencing these people into choosing a brand, buying its products, or simply believing in something. This voice is known as the “influencer.”

Who is an influencer?

For someone to become an influencer, they need to possess the power to be able to influence other people. Most people wrongly believe that someone with a huge number of online followers is an influencer. While the number may help, there are other aspects that are vital to making someone an influencer. These include content relevance, number of people the content is reaching, and how actively engaged the audience is with this content. If someone has managed to meet these criteria, then they have created an engaging list of loyal followers who place a lot of trust in the content they post. This is what makes a good influencer

Who is likely to use Instagram?

If you are considering Instagram influencer marketing, then you should understand the importance of the site’s active user base. Instagram is a very popular desktop website and mobile application. As time has progressed, Facebook has been left with the older folk while the younger ones flock to Instagram. This means that the user base consists of mostly teenagers and millennials.

How effective is Instagram influencer marketing?

This is probably the most important question on your mind. The answer to this question is that Instagram influencer marketing is very effective provided you are doing the right things. These marketing campaigns have very high ROIs, giving you the opportunity to get the most bang for your buck. Just make sure you are reaching the right audience.

How expensive are these campaigns?

It is extremely cost-effective to become an Instagram influencer. This method, in fact, gives you the highest return compared to other forms of digital marketing techniques. It is, of course, vital that you pay attention during negotiation. This is also a trick you will learn on the job. Platforms like ifluenz allow you to know what is the fair price per post for each Instagram influencers.

These answers should help you better understand the whats and hows of Instagram influencer marketing. If you are looking to join the Instagram influencer crowd, do not fret too much. It is not as hard as you think and the risk is almost zero.

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