How to Create a Killer Brief for Your Influencers?

Influencer campaigns start with a brief


Influencer marketing is a popular form of marketing that many social media-savvy marketers are adopting. Influencer marketing campaigns on social platforms like Instagram can garner brands the much-needed recognition and fan-following, which are essential for them to thrive. After all, it boosts their reputation and spreads positive word-of-mouth when a famous celebrity or personality associates with it.

But all successful influencer marketing campaigns start with a clear influencer brief. An influencer brief lays down all deliverables, expectations, requirements, guidelines by both the influencer and the brand before they collaborate. A detailed influencer brief gives you the chance to clarify your expectations from the campaign so that your influencer can plan their strategies accordingly. Failing to write a proper influencer brief can bring about hindrances through the life of the campaign, and could impact the performance of your campaign.

An influencer marketing brief provides a number of benefits, which are as follows:

  • Provides a creative outline for content.
  • Reduces misunderstandings between brand marketers and influencers.
  • Clarifies expectations of both parties.
  • Lays down different aspects of the campaign for the parties to agree upon.

This is the reason why an influencer brief is so important for successful influencer marketing campaigns. If you are clueless about how to craft one, then you should read the tips below:

Think of it as a business plan

The influencer brief you are creating is actually nothing less than a business plan. It should clearly give you the direction in which you wish to take your campaign. It should state your goals and campaign objectives, just as a business plan does. An influencer brief should clearly indicate the vision you seek to achieve through the campaign so that your influencer can contribute better, either in the form of social content, blog posts or videos that are in sync with your vision.

Focus on three key elements

An impressive influencer brief should have:

  • A clear direction– Where is your campaign headed?
  • Color and visual elements- The aim of colors and visual elements is to hook your influencers and make them interested in working with you.
  • A call-to-action- An influencer brief should inform the influencer about the steps that entail the influencer campaign.

You should include the following sections in your influencer brief:

  • About the campaign

This section should summarize the objective of the campaign, requirements and any other information about future content plans. This section can be one to three paragraphs in length, and should clearly inform your influencer about your campaign.

  • Key message and key performance indicators (KPIs)

The key message is the takeaway your customers should gauge after engaging with your influencer’s content. You should also make you KPIs as clear and specific as possible.

  • Campaign timing

In order to get the best out of your influencer marketing campaign, you should focus on the right timing. You should include the dates and timing when you want the content to be shared.

  • Deliverables

Your influencer brief should have achievable and clear deliverables so as to avoid any confusion between you and your influencer.

  •  Mandatory requirements

One mandatory requirement is your influencer should credit your brand. Make sure you include these requirements in your brief.

  • Content ideas

If you have any particular style or type of content in your mind, you should include them in your brief so that your influencer gets a clear idea of what you are looking for.

  • Content approval guidelines

Include any specific guidelines that your influencer has to follow while creating content (do’s). You should also include your breach guidelines so that your influencer ensures full conformity to content specifications (don’ts).

While writing an influencer brief, think of yourself as a PR professional instead of a marketer. You have to tell a great story through your campaign so that you are able to appeal to your consumers and build authority of your brand.

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