Why Brands Count on Influencers for Black Friday Marketing

Are your social media feeds full of Black Friday offers already? Amazon set the tone way ahead with its countdown to Happy HoliDeals. That product you’ve been desiring for so long? You’re getting it on a discount, and you’re marking the date in your calendar. 

Amazon doesn’t really need influencer marketing, since it’s such an influential brand by itself. How do smaller brands compete with such an authority? They can hire influencers for their social media marketing campaigns, so they can easily reach out to a large audience. 

FRÉ Skincare is a great example of a brand benefiting from Instagram influencers. It collaborates with users with large followings, so it’s constantly in the feed of people whose values align with those of the brand.


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When you blend influencer marketing with Black Friday offers, you have a powerful method for attracting attention in a crowded market.


4 Most Rational Reasons Why Brands Invest So Much in Influencer Marketing During Black Friday


1. It’s What the Audience Wants


Traditional marketing techniques relied on print materials, referrals, direct mail, and TV commercials. These are outdated methods that lost their momentum among Millennials. Millennials, the generation with the largest purchasing power at the moment, dictate the trends. They getting their information online. They follow influencers and trust their judgement. No; they won’t blindly purchase everything recommended by someone they follow. But if this is an influencer they’ve been admiring for a while, they are inspired by their lifestyle and influenced by their choices.

If a student considers buying an important paper, they will face plenty of choices. They won’t randomly choose any service, though. The student will conduct diligent research and read reviews. However, they are aware that they can’t trust everything written online. If they get a recommendation by someone they trust, they will make that decision.

Imagine an Instagram influencer sharing an NSBroker review with a Black Friday deal for those who want to use the service. We’re talking about someone this student has followed for a while now. The influencer earned their trust through high-quality content and recommendations based on personal experience. They don’t promote brands just because they get paid. They do it because they believe in these brands, so they know that they won’t fail their audience by recommending something worthy of attention.


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2. Each Brand Has Expectations to Meet


Big brands rule at Black Friday marketing. Take PlayStation as an example. Someone who wants to buy a game console knows that they are going to get it with a great offer if they wait for Black Friday week. So they wait for a while, expecting to get a massive discount.

You know what? People expect the same thing from small brands, too. It doesn’t matter what you sell; most people won’t buy it in early November if it’s not an absolute necessity. They save their money and wait for the big discounts. If you don’t give them a discount, your competitors will. You’ll miss out on a big opportunity to boost your sales and increase brand awareness.

But why are influencers important in this aspect? It’s how people are getting information nowadays. They are more likely to get a post from an influencer in their feeds. Brands rarely show up, especially on Facebook.


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3. Influencer Marketing Is Less Aggressive


“Buy our product because it’s the best one on the market!”

“I tried this product and I like it a lot. It’s the best one I’ve used so far.”

What statement seems more believable?

Of course it’s the second one! When brands promote themselves, they are expected to brag about their features and superiority above others. Most people don’t believe them. It’s just marketing; no brand will mention its flaws in an ad.

An influencer, on the other hand, speaks from personal experience. It’s just like that neighbor with gorgeous skin giving you a recommendation on a moisturizer. When you’ve been following an influencer for a long time, you can tell if a recommendation is honest. It fits in their lifestyle. You know it’s still an ad, but it seems more genuine.


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4. Competitors Impose This Kind of Advertising


Your competitors follow the expectations of your target audience. Some of them lead the marketing trends. They collaborate with the most relevant influencers on social media. They get recommendations from YouTubers and bloggers, too. If you don’t try to compete with that, you’ll get lost in the crowd.

Not every brand can have the most influential social media users as its promoters. If you own a small business and you can’t invest too much in advertising, you can work with micro influencers. These are social media users with a few thousands of followers. They still haven’t reached a level that allows them to charge too much for promoting a brand. However, they have loyal followers and seem believable. If you give them a discount code to promote for your Black Friday discount event, they will help you reach a larger audience. 


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Black Friday Influencer Marketing Is the Real Deal


Influencer marketing looks more genuine in the eyes of the audience. These messages are more likely to reach them on social media. If you hire micro influencers, you’ll have a more affordable marketing campaign, too.

When you add a Black Friday discount event into the mix, you have a winning combination for conversions. People save money to spend during this period of the year. Through influencers, you can remind them that your brand is worth spending on.


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