Do and Do NOT: The Important Influencer Tips for Approaching Brands

Now that you have the profile, platform, and an audience of people who are willing and eager to engage and consume your content, it feels like you are getting ready to approach brands and start working with them.


So, the question arises, how do you attract brands? What do you say or do to entice them and make them willing to work with you in their influencer marketing campaigns? There are always different ways you can go about it from the point of negotiating with them to making the desired posts. Here are some tips on what to do (and not to do).


Always give out your handles


It just does not seem right that you are sending in a request for collaboration but you do not include your handles. You have to understand that the people you are dealing with are very busy too and probably have a lot of other requests to handle. So, you put yourself at a disadvantage when you do not include your handles in your discussion or negotiation with them.


Do not try to hide. There is nothing to hide. They are not trying to offer you essay writing services, so, they will not go all out to please you. Nobody has the time to start searching for the social media platforms that you are on and what your handles are. Make it readily available.


Even if you are chatting with the brand’s correspondents on a social network and you are asked to send an email with your details. You have to assume that it is not going to be the same person viewing the email. So, do what is right and necessary, add your handles. Whoever is joining in on the conversation will also find it easy to contact you and you can more easily work with the brand.

Research the product


If there is one thing you must never say while approaching brands for influencer marketing, it is the “I have not used your product yet but…” This obviously is not an impressive way to deal with brands. So, if you have not tried the product before you start the conversation, there are two things you can do. You either go ahead and buy the product so you have a firsthand idea of how it works or you do your research. Look for people who have used and still uses the product and ask about it. You have to be studious with it like you are working at a dissertations service or you are preparing for a project. After all, you are the one trying to win the brand over.

If you have not tried the brand’s product and you are unable to get the necessary info you might need about it, then you can let them know pleasantly that you have not used their product before. It is really not a big deal, but you have to be smart in the way you address things. There is a big difference between “I have not used your product before…” and “I will like to try your product because of the…” Just try to turn things in a way that puts you at an advantage.

You do not need anybody’s assignment help if you try to research a brand and its product. It just shows your level of interest in working with the company. So, this is strongly recommended whether or not you have used or still use their product. It is also a chance for you to find out how the brand and product aligns with your personal brand.


Promote your personal brand


There are different types of marketing strategies that brands can use to market their product. Influencer marketing is only one of those and they chose it for a reason. They wanted to work with you and see what you can offer them!

You have your style, content, personal view, and audience. So, how can you use it and in what way can it benefit the brand? This is the question you should be answering when approaching a brand for influencer marketing. According to marketing experts at samedayessay review, originality is key to winning a brand over. So, it is important that you know yourself and your brand well enough to be able to point out what you can bring to the table.


Use the right words


We all know how causal social media space really is and how all kinds of words flow. As an influencer (or aspiring one), you should be careful with your use of words especially when you are communicating with the brands (for the first time). It is best to keep it short. Do not go and write long essays in the dm. Keep things a little bit formal (keyword: a little bit). Do not be too formal. Like content creators at UK assignment help put it, there is only a thin line separating a very formal approach and a very casual approach.

The best approach would have you keep things short and sharp. You also want to make sure that they see what you are offering them in that short message.

There are words that you must also learn to avoid. Some of those are ‘shout-outs’ and ‘free’. These words cheapen and devalue your influencer status. This is a business deal you’re into, treat it as such.




Being an influencer, there are certain expectations that you are expected to keep up with for your followers. But when you are approaching brands, you have to be more careful and understand the people you are dealing with.

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