Top 4 Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, and it’s growing every day! With hundreds of millions of users sharing photographs, not only has the quantity of content created increased, but also the quality of pictures and tags. Businesses all around the world are also using the platform to spread the word about their products and services, and to develop a loyal customer base. Given below are some of the top tips for improving your product placement on Instagram:

  1. Start Shooting Square Photographs:

Square photographs are preferred on Instagram, but most phones are set by default to capture a rectangular image. By using a simple setting in your phone’s camera, you can click high quality square photographs. This ensures that you use the best angles and composition for a square shot, and you also end up saving time that would have been lost on cropping the image or manipulating it to make it look good.

  1. Keep Track Of Trending Hashtags:

If you are a small business, it may be more challenging to gain a foothold in Instagram, as most users will not be searching for your content specifically. But there is no need to worry, as you can take advantage of the trending hashtags on Instagram to be much more visible to a worldwide audience. Keep track of the trending hashtags by using the explore feature and use them in your posts if they are related to your business in any way. Also remember to use emojis as users can now search simply by emoji. Making your content more discoverable is one of the keys to attract a large audience in Instagram.

  1. Do Not Limit Yourself Only To Photos:

Photographs are the primary content of the social media platform, but it also supports short videos. Both media help users tell stories through their own perspective, yet videos are not as popular as photographs on Instagram. If you find that videos are more usable for your marketing campaign, ensure that you mix your content with photo and video posts. A high quality video can be a great way to engage your fans and attract attention of other Instagram users. Instagram also has video editing features that help you create high quality videos on the go.

  1. Partner With Influencers Using Ifluenz:

Influencers on Instagram enjoy the advantages of having a huge audience, and there are hundreds of thousands of such individuals on the platform who cover a wide range of industries including health, food, home décor, beauty, fashion and much more. Their audience trusts their opinions about the latest trends and products, so if you partner up with the right influencers, your brand is bound to get a powerful boost because of their popularity.

By leveraging the advantages that a social media platform like Instagram provides, your brand can maximize its visibility to include a worldwide audience.

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