How to Make Awesome Instagram Videos

Making an Instagram video is easy. All you need to do is open the app, go to the upload section, select video then press and hold the “record” button! But attracting the attention of your target audience and converting the response into sales is a lot more challenging than it seems. Fortunately, there are some ways you can make and impression to your audience with your Instagram videos. Here are the top five tips to making your 60 seconds count.

  1. Get Your Basics Right

If you plan to make excellent Instagram videos, you need to be familiar with how it works. Instagram allows you to shoot videos that are up to 60 seconds long and you may use one single shot or a combination of sequential shots. People who use Vine will be slightly more comfortable with this feature. However, you can add and delete scenes and use different filters. You may select a thumbnail while uploading a video, and it is best to use one that highlights the main point of your clip.

  1. Do Not Use The App

You can record some excellent clips from the Instagram app, no doubt, but there is absolutely no reason why you should constrain yourself to it! You can choose nearly any camera app to create videos, and this includes even a host of third party apps available for Android and iPhone. Regardless of which is your favorite video recording app, you can choose the video from the gallery and upload it through Instagram! Just make sure that the video is a maximum of 60 seconds long!

  1. Edit Your Videos

The fact that Instagram allows you to browse your gallery for videos gives you the opportunity to use video editing apps to maximize the effect of your creation. Instagram does not allow you to use transitions between clips, so you can choose from a number of video editing tools that give you the ability to transition from scene to scene seamlessly. You can even harness the power of your desktop to edit videos and then copy it into your phone for uploading. You can use cloud software like Dropbox or iCloud to transfer bulky video files between your computer and your phone.

  1. Audio?

Recording audio is a lot trickier than video recording as you need to consider how sensitive your phone’s microphone is to ambient sound. The Instagram app allows you to record the ambient sounds when you take the video, which may be exactly what you need. However, there may be times when you might want to use recorded audio files with your video clip, especially when there is some dialogue in the video. You may even choose to record mute the microphone using third party apps or video editing software on your computer or mobile.

  1. Be Clever With Time

You can upload videos that are only 15 seconds long, but with the right effects, 15 seconds is all you need to impress an audience. The best thing about recording videos on your phone is that you now have the ability to use a variety of effects including slow-motion, fast-motion, stop motion and even time lapse! Using these functions is so easy that you need to take advantage of these effects at least once in your Instagram marketing campaign. You can use slow motion to emphasize dramatic moments, fast motion to provide a comic feel and Time Lapse to show a long process.

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With some practice, you will be able to create high quality Instagram videos for your target audience that will not only attract new people but also keep your existing audience engaged.

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