How To Photograph Food For Instagram

Restaurants, eateries, hotels, food brands and chefs can use social media platforms to increase their online presence and increase the number of customers they serve.

Many folks who try new dishes or eat at a famous location will take a picture of their food and post it to Instagram.

If you plan to use your influence on Instagram to promote food businesses, you need to learn how to take stunning pictures of your food. The following tips will help your pictures look more appetizing and inviting to your target audience.

  • Use The Right Equipment:

If you are using Instagram for business, it is absolutely necessary to use good quality photography equipment. The camera on an iPhone can capture excellent quality photographs, as long as you don’t fidget with its performance by using third party apps.

Click pictures with the inbuilt camera function on the phone or with a digital camera and edit it later as necessary. Make sure you keep your hands still when you click the photo. It will help you capture pictures that are as sharp as possible.

  • Compose The Photograph:

Food is appetizing because of the way it looks and smells. Since your followers cannot experience the aroma of the food, you will need to make the most of the visual aspect of the food. Put some thought into how the food will look in the frame and experiment with different quantities of the food to check which looks best.

  • Arrange The Food:

Restaurants and eateries know that presentation of food is an important part of the service. You need to incorporate a similar strategy into your Instagram photographs as well arranged photographs look much more appealing. Try to arrange the food in a symmetrical pattern or make it tell a story with some innovation. You may even take a bite of the food to showcase the inner stuffing.

  • Lighting Matters:

Not unlike when you are clicking a selfie, the ambient lighting has a huge effect on how good or bad the food looks in a photographs. As far as possible, do not use the flash in your camera or phone as it will bleach the photograph. If your indoor lighting is harsh, the food will look flat and unappetizing.  The best way to get a flawless shot is to find a source of natural light.

  • Blur The Background:

If your primary intention is just to get a photograph of the food, try to blur the background and draw the viewer’s attention exactly where it should be. You may use a good quality camera and focus on the food from one side, or use the Macro function and photograph it from really close to give a stunning effect. You may even use apps to blur the unwanted areas later.

  • Experiment With Filters And Hashtags:

Once you have photographed the food, it is time to do some editing. Experiment with different filters to see which one suits the photo best, but make sure you do not use too many. When you are posting your photographs, you may use certain hashtags to collate your images according to the type of food or the time you serve.

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