Gaining New Customers Through Influencers

Most marketers around the world are aware of the incredible advertising potential of social media platforms. Sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat thrive on user generated content, and through the years, they have managed to gather a user base of millions. Instagram, for instance, has a monthly user base of 500 million people.

The most popular amongst these users are called influencers, because of their ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide with just a single post. Needless to say, Instagram influencers have become increasingly important to brands who hope to use the platform for business.

Finding The Right Influencer

There are many people who have a large number of Instagram followers, but not all of them will be a right fit for your brand. People who post about workout regimes and exercising techniques are a perfect fit for brands that manufacture fitness products or nutritional supplements but not for others.

Find out which kind of an influencer will be the right fit for your Instagram campaign, and you are bound to generate a significant increase in brand awareness and sales. Instagram influencers, not unlike influencers of other social media platforms are identified by the kind of content they are known to post.

Making Your Brand Look Awesome

Instagram is a visual platform, which means you will need to promote your brand through pictures or videos. Often, you would not even need to sell your products or services directly to generate leads.

Simply making your brand look awesome, by having influencers posting innovative pictures, can increase brand awareness and increased internet traffic towards your official website. Hiring a popular instagrammer through Ifluenz to endorse your products or services makes your brand look trustworthy and in vogue, thereby generating more customers.

Providing Behind The Scenes Footage

Many fashion brands are making it big on Instagram not by advertising their products, but by providing an exclusive sneak peak into behind the scenes footage.

Authenticity is an important aspect of Instagram marketing. Showing your business as it is engaged in its daily activity helps generate a much more loyal group of followers. If you have built a relationship with an Instagram influencer through Ifluenz, you can invite them over to your workplace and give them a tour of your business, which can result in plenty of interesting photographs.

 Optimizing The Process

Regardless of what industry your brand is in, without Ifluenz it will take some time to find the right influencer and generate a substantial following. Through the process, you may have to make many adjustments to your Instagram campaign just to integrate the influencer into your brand.

Influencers registered on Ifluenz know what posts work better with your target audience that others, they know how to customize your campaign accordingly. Optimizing the process of having Instagram influencers endorsing your brand can help you increase your conversion ratio and make your marketing campaign more effective.

Having an influential social media personality to endorse your business can significantly promote brand awareness amongst your target demographic. Make sure that your social media accounts and company website are ready with the most recent updates as new followers generally would browse your content to look for their interests.

Brand endorsement can generate a huge number of leads within a short period of time, so make sure that you have long term strategies in place to maintain the popularity.

Join the movement of businesses who are already benefiting from Instagram influencer marketing.

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