How to Boost your Marketing Strategy ROI with Influencers

Marketing strategies are undergoing a continuous, evolutionary change. The migration of the target audience from television and print media towards the internet and social media sites has made marketers rethink their very approach to the process. Social media sites thrive on the ever increasing supply of user-generated content, and services like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are used by billions of people worldwide.

In the current state of events, social media influencer marketing seems to be providing a much heavier Return on Investment (ROI) as compared to traditional methods. In fact, a recent study revealed that influencer marketing can generate an average of more than 6 times the investment in terms of revenue. The following tips will show you what it takes to boost your marketing strategy ROI with the help of social media influencers.

Finding the right social media influencer for your brand

All social media influencers, whether they are bloggers, Instagrammers or YouTubers, have a unique combination of content and style. Their authenticity and enthusiasm with their subject matter, is, what earns them a large number of online followers. To find out who would be a good fit with your brand, try to look for people who create content related to the field of your business. For instance, if you are trying to increase the popularity of a sports brand, look for people who post content about fitness tips and regimes. The target audience for your brand will most likely coincide with the follower base of an influencer if the influencer has a similar set of interests as your target audience. You can find the perfect fit on digital influencer marketing platforms like Ifluenz.

Building a marketing campaign

Once you have found the social media influencer, it is time to build a detailed marketing campaign with them. Find out how many social media sites they can use and how many promotional posts they are ready to create every day. The tone of your marketing campaign should also be in line with the general approach that the influencer maintains during their personal posts so that the target audience receives it with the same enthusiasm as they usually do. Make sure, however, that the influencer is able to balance promotional content with their original content so that they do not drive their existing fan following.

Measuring the effectiveness of the campaign

One of the greatest benefits of social media marketing campaigns is the ability to measure the success in great detail. This helps you find the ROI of your campaign with much more precision than traditional marketing campaigns. You can measure the effectiveness of an influencer campaign by determining exactly how much your business has invested, and keeping the conversion ratio in sight. Instead of simply looking at how many followers an influencer has, find out how much the audience interacts with each post.

The main reason that influencer marketing works is because it benefits the brand in much more ways than what can be measured in terms of revenue. With the help of an influencer, you will be able to experiment different approaches to find out which one works best for your target audience. You will also need to gauge the sentiment that is created within the audience with every promotional post of the influencer to check how they are improving your brand image. The addition of a good influencer in your marketing strategy can also win your brand new subscribers on social media networks, and an increase in web traffic towards your website.

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