The Ultimate Guide To Boost Sales With Instagram

Welcome to the modern age of social media. Websites like Instagram have become a daily need for people of all age groups all over the world. Pictures of you on vacation, at office, at prom, at your best friend’s bachelorette party, and the countless selfies have become the backbone of this website. With millions of users, Instagram has become a legitimate platform for interaction, comparison, and discovery. How do you ask?

If you’ve paid attention to the popular users on Instagram, yes, the ones with thousands of followers, you’d have noticed the influence they have on their fans. They have become the world’s new brand influencers. Everything they eat, wear, do is watched and copied. So, if you’re someone running a business, a platform like Instagram is just what you need to market your products and services. Instagram will help you enhance your brand by connecting you to a wide audience you wouldn’t have been able to reach out to otherwise.

Instagram has more than 500 million active users every month, making it one of the most engaging social media websites available. So, why not tap into that lucrative pool? Unfortunately, most companies choose to not be involved with Instagram because they don’t recognize the potential it has. Other companies, on the other hand, have attempted to market on Instagram, but they failed to see any worthy results.

Now that it’s been proven that Instagram is a great resource, it’s wise for you to get on board. Here’s a guide of what you’ll need to do to boost your product placement on Instagram.

  • First things first, what you need is a good foundation. This involves creating a good profile which includes a profile picture, which should usually be your company logo. Use your business’ name as the account name. Don’t forget to mention your website on your profile. Make sure it’s a clickable link. Finally, create a short bio that is interesting and accurately describes what you do.
  • Now that you’ve got a profile up and running on Instagram, you have to create a signature look. Before you begin, you need to consider what you’d want the layout of your page to look like. Identify a particular aesthetic and mold your page accordingly. Once you’ve decided on the page, you can edit your photos using Instagram’s filters if you choose to. Don’t forget that you’re trying to showcase your products to current and potential customers, so you have to keep them interesting.
  • Be direct and clear about the products you’re selling, but remember that you need to keep your customers hooked. Keep the curious and interested by going the extra mile with product descriptions. Use catchy phrases and relevant emojis.
  • Instagram is famous for its hashtags. These little symbols play a huge role in improving the discovery of your products on the platform. Locate the top hashtags for your products and demographic and use them as necessary in your campaign. You can create your own hashtag, if you’d like.
  • One way of expanding your products’ awareness and boost sales is by becoming partners with Instagram influencers using the website Ifluenz. These users will help you reach out to wide audiences who would be specifically interested in your products.

These are the best ways to improve product placement which will in return boost marketing and bring in customers. Follow these guidelines to help you with product placement on Instagram. Don’t forget to be engaging, involved, and keep up with the fast-moving trends on the site. You could also rely on tools like Ifluenz which works specifically to rake in influential instagrammers to boost your products to target audiences.

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