3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Instagram Influencer Campaign

Modern online influencers are akin to the cognoscenti or the connoisseurs of the past. They help shape up the narrative across domains and areas of their interest. They may keep their interest restricted to a few chosen fields or could offer expert opinion on everyday matters of interest i.e. topical issues.

Instagram is a social channel which fits the bill perfectly when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencers here can not only inform their audience but sale experiences and dreams. The visual nature of the medium ensures that beautiful videos and photos with catchy captions and descriptions can be used to attract attention and start conversations. Also, influencers and brands encourage end users to share their own content (photos/videos) of participating in a campaign or using a brand/ product/ service and get them involved in the marketing campaign. But, in order to increase the effectiveness if your campaign, implement the following steps.

Steps to help you increase the effectiveness of your influencer marketing program on Instagram

1. Define a campaign plan and define the expected results : No campaign will ever be successful without a properly defined plan or strategy. You will have to define the various results you expect and what would amount to success or failure. You will need to know the audience you are trying to reach and the channels you would leverage apart from Instagram, to reach them. You will also need to decide which software or tools you would use for measuring the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns. Also, ensure that the influencer persona, the social media channel being used and the kind of content being created suits the image of the brand and is also suitable for promoting the product or service in question.

2. Don’t curtail the creative independence of influencers : Instagram is a highly creative platform and if you are hiring influencers, it can be expected that you are doing it because he fits the persona you have defined or has a large number of following. Influencers are experts not only on the said domain but also know how to craft their messages in a way that enraptures their audience. Hence, you may collaborate with them, make suggestions and also offer helpful tips but don’t force them to toe your line. That would put out the enthusiasm of the influencer and that may be reflected in his content, consciously or unconsciously. It will never be good for your brand image.

3. Set up a landing page for attracting new leads : Set up a simple but effective landing page on your webpage that would lead prospects and likely customers from the campaign being led by the influencers. Have a simple but detailed opt-in form. However, in order to get the customers to sign up, you will have to offer an incentive. It could be a free e-book or webinar that you may be hosting for them or a pass to an interesting event being sponsored by your brand. Remember, this landing page shouldn’t be about sale but about gathering more information and leads so that you can engage them later through other channels of marketing also. Make the page responsive and user friendly. Be precise and short in your messages and use strong, discernable CTAs.

Your influencer marketing campaigns will see a lot more success if you follow these tips. These are some best practices which would work for different types of businesses and verticals and have a proven track record. If you are still not using them in your campaigns, you should start today itself.

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