Influencers: How to Find More Collaborations?

Instagram has become a must-use app. It is an entire world in itself. While you say you use the app to stay connected with friends, everyone knows you also use Instagram to keep an eye on your favorite brands.

Social media influencers are the next celebrities of the world. They are everywhere and there is very little they cannot do. More and more youngsters are acknowledging the prime profits being an influencer brings them. From travel coast to coast to wearing the latest fashion, becoming an influencer has no cons.

Instagram and the power it holds

If you are someone who is considering living the influencer life, then you need to understand the power of Instagram. To become a someone on Instagram, you will need some collaborations under your belt. These collaborations are what help you become noticed. They make you more visible even on other platforms such as YouTube.

To become a successful influencer, you need the right collaborations. If you are already an established influencer, you need more collaborations. Basically, more collaborations equals a larger audience. And a larger audience on Instagram is just what the doctor ordered.

How to rope in more collaborations?

Getting more collaborations is not tricky. Finding the right ones that suit your profile is what you should be aiming for. A fashionista may not do very well collaborating with an automobile brand. But if you can make that work for you, then you are the one calling the shots.

Here are some tips on getting collaborations. If applied the right way, there is nothing stopping you. These steps help cement any potential collaborations as well as bring new ones your way.

  • Let us start small by appearing in each other’s pictures on Instagram. This is a great way to create a collaboration because viewers will start associating the two of you with one another. It will also help channel interest to the person or the brand making an appearance in the picture, encouraging users to click on their profile. Even if you cannot physically take a picture with them, simply tag the person or brand on your picture. This ensures an audience crossover, resulting in an effective collaboration.
  • If you are familiar with the person or brand you choose to collaborate with, you could create a relationship by taking control of each other’s Instagram pages. We are talking about consensual swapping and not showing off your amateur hacking skills. By swapping profiles, the two of you can give each other’s audience a new taste by interacting with them and also by posting new content. Your followers will enjoy the fresh perspective brought in through this collaboration. The trick with this step is to not extend it for too long. Stretching it will only bore your followers and you stand a risk of alienating them.
  • Sponsorships are a great way to establish a collaboration. Working together with a brand on sponsored posts is a win-win for both of you. While you, as an influencer, make rewards or money from the post, the sponsor gets your advertising. It is a great way to keep your audience interested. Also, the more brands you have under your belt, the exposure you get. While you make money from your current collaborations, you are also marketing yourself for new ones. Fresh brands will want to work with you because they realize how effective an influencer you are.

Finding new collaborations is much more than knocking on doors asking for an opportunity. As an influencer, your Instagram profile is your résumé. Use your current resources to ensure more successful collaborations in the future. You could also use services provided by Ifluenz, the best platform for Instagram product placement.

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