How To Become a Big Instagram Influencer?

If you are a regular user of Instagram, you have probably come across a couple of influencers. Many influencer accounts endorse different brands, and all these influencers have one thing in common – they managed to become a big instagram influencer. While most have tens of thousands of followers on the photo-sharing platform, there are even some influencers with millions of followers.


Becoming a successful Instagram influencer is not as simple as it may seem. It is much more than just taking pictures and posting them. It takes a lot of hard work and strategic planning, and even partnering with the right brands. After all, trust is what differentiates influencer marketing from other marketing strategies.


Even though it takes time and effort, becoming a big Instagram influencer is not impossible. So many have done it, and some have even become more than just influencers; they have built their own brand using the platform. For instance, Chiara Ferragni, who was once an Italian fashion influencer, is now a successful businesswoman with a fashion line of her own and front row seats in fashion weeks across the globe.


So, if you too would like to become an Instagram influencer, here are some useful tips you should follow:


  • Find a niche that you are truly passionate about

The first step to become a big Instagram influencer is to find your niche, and it has to be something that interests you, or that you are truly passionate about. Don’t just settle on a niche because influencers with that niche are doing well. Ultimately, your brand is your personality and if your followers don’t find you genuine and authentic, you cannot do your job. The same goes for brands that you choose to endorse – they have to align with your values and beliefs. At iFluenz, we understand the role of authenticity in an influencer’s success, so you can easily find brands that fit your niche.


  • Establish a consistent aesthetic or theme for your feed

In the age of Instagram, aesthetic is everything. You need to have a certain theme or aesthetic that was reflected through your posts. It is safe to say this is one of the most important determinants of an influencer’s success. For example, the composition or color of your photos can be uniform throughout your feed, making it more visually appealing.


  • Engage with followers using stories

Instagram stories are quick and simple, yet they have an extremely wide reach. Did you know that the more a certain Instagram user interacts with your stories (views and replies), the higher your posts will be appearing on their feed? With Instagram doing away with chronological feed, this is an extremely effective way of making sure you reach followers.


  • Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are one of the easiest and quickest ways to have new users find you on Instagram. Now, Instagram has more options with hashtags. People can even follow a certain hashtag. So, use only hashtags which are relevant to your niche so that the right people can find you. Remember to make your profile public for hashtags to do their magic.


  • Post regularly, but don’t spam

Consistent posting can effectively increase your engagement rates, as various studies have shown. So, make sure that you post quality content on a regular basis. Usually, people check their social media in the evening, therefore it is better to post during this time of day.


  • Switch to a business account

Lastly, switch to a business account. This will provide tons of useful insights for each post, as well as your count in general. For example, you can see when most of your followers are active, which posts perform the best, and much more.


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