Why Are Influencers Perfect for Health and Fitness Brands?

The health and fitness industry is an evergreen market that has oodles of potential for anyone courageous enough to enter the arena. But it is also one of the toughest markets to promote in. Brands looking to strike a chord with potential customers need to think out-of-the-box and make themselves memorable. One way to do this is to work with fitness influencers.

6 reasons to incorporate influencer marketing in your promotional campaign

With the right influencer, health and fitness brands can really stand-out and grab prospect attention. Influencer marketing companies like ifluenz can help you find the right influencer who suits your brand’s style and requirements.

Now let’s take a look at why health and fitness brands need to use influencers in their marketing campaign:

  • They are living proof that the product/service works

If there’s one thing that health and fitness influencers have in common, it’s that they all are super fit. Most of the influencers will be toned, ripped, very healthy and bubbly – all the things health and fitness brands promise their prospects.

Using health and fitness influencers in your marketing campaign adds very tangible evidence that your product/service is of great quality and must be used.

  • They are engaging and can inspire prospects to take action

If you’ve seen fitness influencer Cassey Ho’s videos, you’ll notice one thing – her enthusiasm to workout. Cassey belongs to that group of influencers who are extremely exuberant, passionate and creative. They love what they do and it translates into how wonderfully they engage with their viewers. Any brand that these influencers recommend will certainly be that which they approve of.

Enlisting the help of enthusiastic and engaging influencers who love interacting with the audience and who love everything about health and fitness will create an aura of excitement around your brand.

  • Their professional credentials make the brand look more trustworthy

Influencers like Doctor Mike, Holly Willoughby and Rena Awada have one thing in common. They’re all professionals with degrees in health and nutrition (Doctor Mike is an MD!) When they say something or recommend a diet, you can rest assured that they’re doing so after great consideration.

Partnering with influencers who are actual, qualified professionals in the field will give your brand authority and strength.

  • Their reach and social capital is massive

Take the example of YouTube sensation Scott Herman for example. He’s an influencer with over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. He creates really helpful videos of how to exercise and talks about how to get the best posture, how to avoid injuries and so on.

Imagine if you’re a brand that sells an all-natural energy drink and your market is young fitness enthusiasts who have very active lifestyles. A mention by an influencer like Scott Herman will be a great way to get your brand noticed by millions of people across the globe.

  • They are the perfect digital marketing tools for online fitness brands

With brands moving online these days, there isn’t much place for brand ambassadors and endorsers on television anymore. In order to meet the changing needs of the market, brands need to enlist help from people who are experts in the social media game.

Influencers check this box perfectly. Their large following, their social finesse and their ability to connect with all types of audiences make them perfect for digital marketing.

  • They can help health and fitness brands improve their ROI

Research shows that influencer marketing generates ROI that’s 11x higher than traditional forms of marketing. This makes investing in influencers completely worth it.

When it comes to health and fitness brands, people seek authenticity and authority. Nobody wants to use a product that could endanger their lives or the lives of their loved ones. Influencers establish trust in prospects and help make your brand trustworthy.

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