Top UK Food Influencers in 2018

Everybody loves food, so it’s no surprise that food influencers today are doing so well. They are some of the most followed and most powerful influencers – telling people what to eat, where to eat, when to eat and how. Food influencers may be the ones who actually influence our lifestyle the most since food is such an essential part of our life.

So, for restaurants and food brands, partnering with food influencers through trusted influencer platforms like can be a great way to market yourself and create brand awareness through the power of social media. Here are some of the top UK food influencers in 2018 to give you an idea on just how successful and far-reaching food influencers can be.

  1. ks_ate_here

One of the best UK-based food influencers, KS eats out in various restaurants in London every day and shares his meals with all 74.7k followers on Instagram. So, if you are in need of someone to guide you through the streets of London while looking for food, you know who to turn to! This food influencer is already pretty well-known by prominent figures in the London culinary scene and is not a new face among restaurant owners in town.

  1. mondomulia

A brunching expert and co-founder of the popular Instagram account @Igbrunchclub, Giulia Mule has more than 60k followers, whom she feeds pretty and mouth-watering dishes to every day through her posts. Based in London, she knows how to get around the city in order to have the best brunches in the best places.

  1. artrawpawlina

Paulina, who has about 73.6k followers, is a vegan raw food artist, as well as a food photographer. So, she usually posts amazing pictures of sweet desserts or healthy smoothies, or even breakfast granola. Being one of the top influencers, she is regularly mentioned in popular food magazines such as THRIVE. This makes her Earned Media Value (EMV) make up as much as 88 percent of her Total Media Value.

  1. shisodelicious

Sara Kiyo Popowa, aka shisodelicious is a London-based food influencer with over 91k followers on Instagram. From her posts, you can clearly see her love for Japanese food as well as bento boxes. You will see a plethora of Asian cuisines, and the occasional appearance of her adorable cat. Sara has an Earned Media Value (EMV) of about $ 21,556, most of which she gained from other top food influencers who she often collaborates with.

  1. ldncheapeats

London Cheap Eats, aka ldncheapeats was created and run by Leyla, a travel and food blogger who also runs the Instagram account, @thecutlerychronicles. As the name suggests, she shares the best places to eat in London without having to leave huge dents in your pockets. It’s no surprise that this account has 82.5k followers. Who doesn’t love cheap, yet mouth-watering food all for below £8?

  1. rosiefoodie

Next up is Rosie Birkett, who has 71.5k followers on Instagram. She is not only a food influencer, but a stylist and a journalist. In 2015, she released a book called “A Lot on Her Plate”, where she wrote about her love for food. Her Instagram account has been mentioned by other popular food bloggers, apart from channels operated by The Guardian, BBC, The Guardian and Jamie Oliver’s magazine.

  1. saudi_in_london

Raneem is a Saudi girl who lives in London. Through her Instagram account with 41.4k followers, she shares posts talking about her favorite places to eat in. Whether it’s coffee, breakfast, tea, sweets or main dishes, Raneem will give the best suggestions. Although we may follow her suggestions and eats where she eats, she keeps the mystery alive by never showing her face.

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