5 Indian Fitness Influencers to Follow

Fitness and social media go hand in hand. Most people are conscious of what they eat and how they exercise. Instagram and Facebook are full of fitness influencers who put up photos of their work out and give serious fitness goals. Sometimes all one needs is a little inspiration to stick to the fitness regimen. Sure, there will be moments where getting the right motivation is difficult. Reading about fitness trends and researching fitness activities go a long way toward meeting goals. To get the ball rolling, here are five Indian inspirational fitness role models who inspire with their commitment to fitness.

Bani J

Gurbani Judge, known as Bani J, is a fitness model, actress and TV presenter. She burst on the scene through a reality show and her love for fitness is well documented. Hailing from Punjab, she spends a considerable amount of time working out and even endorses a fitness app. Her sculpted body, work out pictures and fitness routine is an inspiration to many.  While she wears several hats, a look through her Instagram page reveals her devotion to all things healthy. Her toned body and abs give fitness goals a new meaning. She regularly updates her social media accounts on fitness matters like dieting and exercising. Get motivated by her devotion to fitness.

Milind Soman

Milind Soman needs no introduction. A highly sought supermodel throughout the 90’s, he has since become a fitness icon for millions of people. Milind has dabbled in acting and currently is a poster boy for long-distance running. He is also known to propagate running barefoot. A national level swimmer, Milind represented the country in the Asian games. He also participates in the Ironman challenge and travels around the globe taking part in marathons. The 52-year-old actor-producer believes that gyms are not the best place to get fit and makes time to run at least 3-4 times a week.

Mandira Bedi

Actress, model, designer, and TV host Mandira Bedi has been going viral for her chiseled body and toned abs. The 45-year-old works out five days a week and could give any young person a run for their money. Well known for her stint in the IPL, she indulges in running, swimming, and sports. Her workout consists of functional training including weights and cardio. She focuses on endurance and concentrates on running as well. Her mantra is concentrated on staying fit being as important as looking good in any clothes hanging in the wardrobe. Her attitude is inspiring as she continues to stay in incredible shape.

Luke Coutinho

Nutritionist to the stars and author, Luke helps clients make positive changes in their physical behavior leading to living a healthier life. The brainchild behind a digital health platform, he works closely in integrating wearable technology with a healthy lifestyle. His Instagram posts revolve around exercising tips and healthy diet options. His clientele ranges from different ages all around the globe.

Shibani Gharat

TV journalist, swimmer, and runner, Shibani took up running during her college days as a warm up to her martial arts training. Her tryst with running has continued from then where she would attend college post her running routine. When she became a journalist, her pursuit of Taekwondo was disrupted as dedicating time to the sport proved difficult. She continued to run today and has successfully completed the formidable Khardung La Challenge. Even today, she manages to balance running with her media career and inspires with her commitment. With over 22,000 followers on Instagram, she continues to challenge and push herself.

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