Top French Fashion Influencers in 2018

When it comes to fashion, the French do not disappoint. The world is always on the lookout for what Parisians are wearing, which style they are into, and which brands they love. It’s no surprise then that French fashion influencers serve the most refreshing, unique and effortless looks on Instagram while their tens and thousands of followers leave comments of praises and adoration on their pictures, and then copy their style and what they wear.

So, for fashion brands, whether big or small, it makes sense to partner with these French fashion influencers. They have a huge say on what kind of clothes and accessories people buy, and your business can benefit from this if you find the right influencer, create the right content and market it the right way so that it can reach the right people. And with trusted influencer marketing platforms like, finding the right influencer is just a few clicks away.

With their niche following and their impeccable sense of style, these are the top French fashion influencers in 2018 that you should watch out for.

  1. @leiasfez

With 173k followers, Leia often posts pictures where she dresses herself in classic Parisian style – classy and effortless. She has even worked with big brands like Ralph Lauren, and her followers are absolutely in love with her style as is evident in the comments section of her Instagram posts. She has a unique and comfortable style that is mostly popular among millennials today.

  1. @syanafromparis

Syana Laniyan, with her 37k followers, has a modern, yet comfy and chic style that she displays on her pictures. Based in Paris and London, this French influencer proves that there is so much more to Parisian style than just stripes. You can see her wearing vibrant colors with floral and fruity prints – a style that young people love today. Her stunning pictures are complemented by her big, beautiful smile.

  1. @sabinasocol

Sabina Socol, apart from being a beloved fashionista, is the social editor at the famous French magazine, L’Officiel Paris. With over 227k followers, she is the poster girl for the quintessential French girl style of chic and effortless, and of course, messy, tousled hair. You can often see her wearing high-waist jeans and pants, flirty, feminine dresses, and knit tops.

  1. @monicaainleydlv

Monica Ainley, even though she is Canadian based in Paris, had to be on our list because of her unique and exciting, yet practical and approachable styling ideas. With 56k followers at the time of writing this, she is definitely an influencer that should be on every fashionista’s radar.

  1. @jeannedamas

Jeanne Damas, a famous French model, is another influencer that has managed to keep her followers engaged with her stylish and visually appealing posts on Instagram. She even has her own apparel line, Rouge. With 1 million followers, she has a very femininely chic sense of style she often displays on her photos.

  1. @slipintostyle

Ellie, who goes by the very apt Instagram account name of Slip Into Style, has over 35k followers. Even though she is not French, she does live in Paris, which makes her qualify for this list. Also, she is one of the best France-based fashion influencers to go to if you want access to stunning high-street clothes you won’t usually see on other influencers.

  1. @asos_barbara

Barbara Malewicz’s Instagram account is the urban millennial fashionista’s paradise. With over 17k followers, Barbara is an ASOS insider and as is evident from her photos, she loves trendy and colorful sportswear – an extremely popular style among the youth of today. Her feed is definitely a feast for the eyes, making her a unique influencer to watch out for.

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