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How Can Not-for-Profit and Other Charitable Organizations Use Influencers?

The days of non-for-profit and other charitable organizations having limited access to effective marketing strategies are over. Today, thanks to the power of technology and social media, these organizations can make use of influencer marketing like so many industries do. Not only does working with influencers lend more credibility to your cause, but it can also greatly strengthen your cause itself.

No matter what your non-profit is working for, there is no denying that you can always use some help. Whether you are an organization looking to raise awareness and/or help animals around the world, or support homeless kids, or you are an environmental organization, working with influencers can help you spread awareness, which leads to more action. This is the dream of any non-profit – people caring about your cause and helping out in any way they can.

The great thing is that influencers are really easy to identify and get in touch with. Years ago, you had to conduct your own search on social media platforms and email or message influencers, hoping that they will see your message and reply. However, today, thanks to influencer marketing platforms such as, non-profits can easily find an influencer of their choice, who shares the same values and beliefs as the organization does. Whatever your budget is, no matter how big or small, there will always be an influencer for you.

Benefits of influencer marketing for non-profits

Below, we outline some of the top benefits of influencer marketing for non-profits and other similar organizations.

  • Adds credibility to your cause and organization

When you collaborate with an influencer, it means that person is a spokesperson for your cause. It is imperative that you choose to work with an influencer who is well-known and respected so that the public knows just how legitimate you are. So, what you are doing is spreading information about your organization and your cause to the public through a credible source.

  • Spreads awareness, leading to action

The main aim of influencer marketing is to spread awareness. Especially when it comes to non-profits, awareness is key to the success of any cause because it is only when people are aware of what you are fighting for that they will be willing to help out and take necessary action. When you partner with influencers, you make it easier for people to take the action you want them to take by supporting your cause.

  • Increases traffic to your site

What influencers do is that they post about your cause and organization on their social media pages like Instagram, where their tens of thousands and even millions of followers will see. Along with these picture or videos, they will share information about your organization like your social media accounts and/or websites. This drives in a lot of traffic to your website, bringing more people in the light of what your organization does.

  • Press opportunities

If you work with coveted, high-profile influencers, you can even get some attention from the press. The press also wants information related to such sought-after influencers since people want to know about them, and this results in more clicks to their websites as well. So, if you feel that getting press is an important step that can help you, working with these influencers may be your solution.

Tips to remember

While working with influencers for your cause, keep these in mind.

  • Always make sure that influencers you work with are genuine and authentic, meaning that their followers and engagement rates should be organic and not bought.
  • Only work with influencers who truly believe in and support your cause.
  • Always be honest and transparent to the public about your nature of a relationship with the influencer.

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