Influencer Generated Content

How To Repurpose Influencer Generated Content

Consumers today are smart and educated people who can tell when they are being marketed to. They can tell when someone is trying to sell them something that the seller himself/herself doesn’t really believe in. This kind of shallow marketing is a thing of the past, because today, people are looking for authenticity and genuineness in everything, even in the marketing efforts of brands.

Fortunately, influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on trust and a real relationship between influencers and their followers. This means enabling authenticity and legitimacy through influencer-generated content, commonly known as IGC.

What exactly does IGC mean? To put it simply, it means social media content that is created and posted by the influencers themselves as opposed to company-created content. People are targeted with hundreds of ads that have company-created content every day on their phones, and content created by real people based on real experiences tend to stand out. This is why influencer marketing is so powerful in creating brand awareness.

Now, what companies with smart marketing strategies do is that they repurpose this influencer-generated content for other purposes. Why do they do this? One, because they don’t have to waste time trying to create new content that may or may not be effective, which brings us to the second point – they already know it works!

The third reason why companies repurpose Influencer Generated Content is because they know the kind of audience that responds best to these contents, making it easier for them to customize their campaigns to different customer segments.

If you too have worked with an influencer, here are some ways in which you can repurpose Influencer Generated Content. If your brand hasn’t worked with an influencer, then you can easily find the influencer of your choice on trusted influencer marketing platforms such as

  • Your brand’s social media accounts

As mentioned before, influencer generated content stands out from the flood of ads that people see every day. This is because they are more authentic and familiar. You can use these content, post them on your brand’s own social media accounts. It is highly likely that people will stop scrolling once their eyes catch a glimpse of these visually appealing, yet authentic posts.  

  • Your brand’s website content

Your website is the most versatile platform for content of all kinds, including influencer generated content. Having IGC on your website, whether on the home page or you have a separate section for it, shows that real people have successfully used your products and are happy with it. This increases the likelihood of people buying your products.

  • Your brand’s blog posts

You can repurpose influencer content to make great blog posts. You can either post any content that an influencer you have worked with for a campaign has created, or you can post something more general. For instance, if you attend an event that is related to your industry, and the keynote speaker is a favorite influencer, you can write about what the influencer said or gather tweets, videos, and pictures from the event and create meaningful content around it.

  • Your brand’s email/newsletters

When sending out emails or email newsletters to your subscribers, make sure to include influencer content. It adds a touch of authenticity and shows your customers that you care and putting in a lot of effort to gain their trust. For example, you can include photos and testimonials from influencers.

  • Your brand’s paid advertisements

What makes paid ads more trustworthy is adding influencer-generated content. Simply include a photo, video or testimonial from influencers you work within your paid ad, especially social media ads, and it will elicit action.

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