Write An Effective Influencer Brief in 6 Simple Steps

Using influencer marketing has proven to be one of the revelations of the industry. That fact is hardly surprising, however, using recognizable faces to promote brands is almost as old as the concept of marketing itself. Influencers have proven to be particularly effective at reaching out to the millennial generation, but identifying and securing the right influencer is still a challenge for marketing departments no matter what the brand and industry. 

A huge part of the process is producing an influencer brief which not only convinces an inundated influencer that you are a brand to go with, it also confirms for the brand that this is the right influencer to use for the task. Influencer briefs have become commonplace in the industry for this very reason, but you do not need to be a marketing professional to produce an effective brief.

Here’s how you can do it in 6 simple steps:


1-  Provide a value proposition

This is just common sense, but it is still typical to find influencer briefs which do not overly lay out this integral part of the content. A value proposition clearly states what the influencer will have to do, and what is in it for them. So along with all the details about your brand, the remit, and so on, this is the crux of the matter: what is expected of the influencer and what will their reward be?

“A value proposition is essential, and is really the core that the brief is produced around. Lay it out strongly, don’t hedge on the language, and consider it the aspect of your brief that will secure the deal or not,” advises Tim Stranski, a communication manager at Academized and Australian Help.




2-  Utilize visuals

We have all heard the old adage that ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, and it is true that as humans we can related to images far faster than anything written down. For that very reason, and for the fact that the most successful influencer briefs utilize this approach, include any number of visuals, including videos of previous work, for example, which will help deliver to the influencer exactly what is expected. If visuals are particularly important to your brand or product, then this is a non-brainer.




3-  Communicate expectations

This is the perfect accompaniment to your value proposition, but is rather less direct in its message.

Yes, the influencer will be remunerated for his or her time, either in cold hard cash or through access to your products for doing something in particular, but beyond that, what do you expect of them as an ambassador for your brand?





What is the indirect message as well as the direct message that you expect them to communicate? Leave nothing to chance and be clear in your expectations.


4-  Deliver creative outlines

Along with expectations, you need to be a little more helpful in providing the creative outlines for the influencer’s content.

Whether this is in the shape of social media videos or posts, lay out exactly how you see this content looking each time, along with other details such as posting schedules and so on.




Simply stating that you want an influencer to represent your brand is not nearly enough: the more direction you can give, the less work it will be for the influencer to put together the content you are looking for, and that is what will entice them to your campaign.


5-  Explain your brand/product in detail

Do not assume anything. You know your brand, but does your influencer?

The fact is they need to know your brand, including your ethos, as well as you do if they are to deliver the content you are looking for. So inform them in as much detail as possible in the brief.




6-  Check the quality of your writing

As well as all of the points previously mentioned, your brief must be well written too, otherwise it will not communicate effectively what it is you are looking for, and in most cases the influencer will not be impressed by it and will not want to proceed with the offer. Fortunately, there are some highly effective tools which can help with such tasks:


  • MyWritingWay and ViaWriting are examples of great online writing guides which can assist in starting off on a brief.

  • At the same time, SimpleGrad and letsgoandlearn can be used to assist you in generating subject lines, titles, subheadings and so on which greatly improve the presentation of your brief.

  • PaperFellows is a formatting tool, as mentioned at Revieweal, which also a great help in this process.

  • Once you have something down on screen, StateofWriting and OxEssays can help you with that all-important editing task.

  • Studydemic and AcademAdvisor are effective grammar checking tools if you are concerned about your grammatical presentation, or if you are a non-native writer.

  • Similarly, EliteAssignmentHelp and BigAssignments can be utilized as proofreading tools once everything else is complete.



Not only is an influencer brief a good idea, it has become an industry standard which helps ensure the best fit for brand and influencer. And now with these practical steps you can produce a brief which is up to the task of moving your marketing strategy forward!


Author’s Bio:

Nora Mork is a marketing journalist and business writer at UK Writings and Boom Essays. She loves speaking at public niche events, and writing columns for sites, such as Essay Roo service.

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