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Choosing the right influencers for the promotion of your new products, services or events can be very complicated and time consuming if you have to do it alone. You can make mistakes that can scuttle your influencer marketing campaign by picking an influencer with fake followers, with an audience location that differs from your target audience, who is involved in scandals and controversies, or who doesn’t fit your brand identity.

For these reasons, businesses are working with platforms specialized in influencer marketing such as Ifluenz to ensure the performance of their campaigns.

But even when using a platform, you can make mistakes that could affect the results of your campaign. Indeed, not only the selection of the influencers in itself is crucial, but also the way you’re presenting your campaign to them: THE CAMPAIGN BRIEF.

Here are the steps you must follow to create a successful campaign on Ifluenz:




PART 1- Create Your Campaign Brief (6 easy steps!)


  1. Describe your product/service/event

Indicate the name of the product, service or event you want to promote. Then, describe it briefly and select its corresponding category.




  1. Set your campaign cover image

To attract the best-matching influencers and encourage them to send you collaboration/post proposals, you need to choose a good quality and attractive Cover Image for your campaign.


– Size and format requirements:  1076 x 478px;  less than 3MB;  JPG or PNG.


cover-do-sdo-s DO’s:  Your Cover Image must be appealing to influencers to spark their interest.

The more attractive your product is, the more proposals you will receive from our influencers.



cover-dont-sdon-ts DON’Ts:  Do not upload a low resolution cover.

Also, avoid text, invasive typos and logos.



suggestionSuggestion:  Did you already approve content from our influencers ? Make it your new campaign Cover Image!


  1. Provide posting instructions to the influencers

In your brief, clearly set your campaign expectations:

  • Define the call for action : sum up in one sentence what do you expect from influencers for your campaign.

Here are some examples of effective calls for action : “posts promoting healthy eating”, “posts of you and our product”, “posts redirecting to our website”, “posts promoting our meals”, “posts of you in our clothes”, etc.




  • Brief the influencers : indicate your campaign goals and specify the kind of content you’re expecting for this campaign : what do the influencers have to create ? How  do they have to promote your business to their audience ?




  • Indicate the DO’s and DON’Ts of your campaign: summarize the things influencers must do or not. For example : « show our brand on the picture », « take the picture outdoors », « mention our website: »  « respond to your audience’s questions regarding our product   », « don’t show nudity », etc.




  • You can add an example of caption, however we recommend to let influencers write it according to their own writing style. It is more authentic and appreciated by their trusted audience.




  • Define the handles (@) and hashtags (#) that have to be included in the post.




  • Specify how the influencers can get your product: Do influencers need to physically have the product to complete the campaign? If so, we recommend to indicate that you will send the product to the influencers. Do they have to purchase it (not recommended) or already own it ? If the influencers do not need to physically have the product (apps, services, etc.), simply indicate it.




  • Include a moodboard (images or videos) to inspire interested influencers and show them exactly what you expect from them in terms of content and brand image. You can also indicate which images can be used by the influencers for the post (repost). Images or videos can be uploaded (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .flv, .mp4, .ts, .3gp, .mov, .avi).





  1. Define your type of influencers

Choose the type of influencers that best fit your goals and needs : define the gender, age, location, posting languages, minimum number of followers and interests of the chosen influencers for your campaign. Your campaign will only be visible to matching influencers.




  1. Preview your campaign and enter an indicative budget

Indicate your budget to estimate the number of posts your campaign will need. It is only an estimation: with Ifluenz, you only pay when you approve an influencer post proposal.

According to your budget, you will be able to see estimated results based on past campaigns led through our platform.




  1. Schedule your campaign

Enter your campaign starting and ending dates. Every campaign has a maximum lifespan of 90 days and will stop being visible by non participating influencers once it ends.





These are the six steps needed to complete your campaign creation process. Keep reading to know exactly what to do next!



PART 2- Manage Proposals from Matching Influencers


  1. Review collaboration proposals of interested influencers

As soon as you campaign is live, you will start receiving collaboration proposals from influencers registered on our platform. Review their profiles carefully:

    • Look at their feed: make sure their content match your niche and your brand’s philosophy.
    • Review their stats: does their followers’ number and average engagement rate match your goals, needs and budget ?
    • Check their insights: does the influencer’s audience corresponds to your targeted audience (gender, age, country/city location)?

Then, you can accept, deny or negotiate the collaboration proposals you receive. 

As soon as you accept a collaboration proposal, you will see the influencer’s address in order for you to send him the product for the campaign. Do not forget to inform the influencer that you have sent him the product for the collaboration. 

Once the influencer receives your product, he will be able to take a picture with it and send you a post proposal for your approval.

In the event where there is no product shipping needed for the collaboration (ex. apps, services, etc.), matching influencers can directly to send you their posts proposals for review and approval.

It is important to remain active after the creation of your campaign and to keep reviewing the collaboration/post proposals until its end. 

Please appreciate the energy each influencer has invested into their post proposals by responding to each one quickly. This will also prevent influencers from having a negative experience with your brand.


  1. Review the post proposals of your chosen content creators

Upon reception of your product, approved influencers will send you their post proposals through the platform. 

  • If you’re satisfied with the post proposals, you can approve and purchase them. Then, the influencers will have 2 days to share it on their Instagram feeds and/or stories.


  • If the posts proposals need any revision: message the influencers directly on the platform and explain exactly what do they need to change for you to approve…





PART 3- Launch Your Campaign and Track its Results


  1. Track your campaign performance

As soon as your post is live, you can start tracking its performance real-time on Ifluenz: cumulated reached audience, engagement rate (number of likes and comments) and cost per engagement.



You’re now ready to create a killer campaign on !


Join the movement of businesses who are already benefiting from Instagram influencer marketing.

Create your campaign in 5 minutes with Ifluenz to enjoy seeing influencers promoting your brand.

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