10 Tricks that Will Help You Negotiate With Brands

Working as an influencer requires negotiation skills. It happens that a brand contacts you and offers you a certain rate but it doesn’t meet your expectations. What would you do if a rate is really low for you? If you accept it, you have a high chance to get frustrated with yourself for agreeing on such a low payment. Declining is easy. However, there is one more way – partnership negotiation. If you are not very good at discussing your rates because you think that you don’t deserve more or people can refuse your offer, we are ready to help you. In this article, we are going to talk about successful negotiation, so keep reading.


10 Tips on Reaching a Win-Win Outcome


do-not-go-lower  1- Don’t go lower than what is already a limit for you

Set the price and think of a discount that you can give in case the project is really interesting and can bring you a good experience, links, and feedback. Set your rate and in case of a brand asking you for a discount, know your bottom line. For example, you can provide a brand with a discount of 10% but if they ask for more, refuse to collaborate with them. Don’t be afraid to lose a project. Worth your skills and time.


do-not-answer-straight-away  2- Don’t respond straight away

When you negotiate with brands, you need to show that you are a professional. Experienced bloggers never answer straight away. They study the offer and write down all the pros and cons. If you have been asked for a discount, don’t say YES immediately, since it will be obvious that your initial rate was too high or you are desperate for a job.


do-not-give-without-getting 3- Don’t give without getting

Master your negotiation skills by learning how to get what you want. If you provided a company with a discount or agreed to meet their short deadline, ask for a deposit. One of my last projects was to provide help with nursing assignments at a big writing company. They always wanted papers to be completed within a few hours. I offered the following: I implement the tasks shortly and I get a 50% deposit. I explained that I have a lot of different projects with deadlines. So, if the company wants me to perform their job prior to my other projects, they have to reserve my time. My requirements have been successfully met.


create-a-customer-rate-sheet 4- Create a customer rate sheet

When you deal with brand, you must provide your rates and deliverables. This will help you to get a good deal. By sending a list with your rates, delivery terms, and guarantees, you present yourself as a professional. This indeed increases your chances to get the rate that you ask for.


prove-your-value5- Prove your value

If you want brands to agree on your rate, you should provide them with the examples of past work. Read brands’ requirements and provide them with the examples that tailor to their needs. Just telling about your experience may not be enough. A lot of brands need visualization to select one or another blogger to collaborate with.


learn-to-compromise 6- Learn to compromise

It may happen that a famous brand offers you an amazing opportunity but the price is lower than you expected. Don’t rush to turn the offer down. Ask them how much work they are willing to provide you with and how long a partnership is going to last. If the rate is not that high but the brand guarantees a big workload, why not taking the offer? Compromising is good when you get an offer from a brand with a big name. Your experience with famous brands will make your CV and portfolio look winning.


find-the-greatest-authority 7- Find the greatest authority

You may need to work hard to get the rate that you think your work worth. If you hear from your opponents that they can’t pay you more because they have a limited discretion to negotiate with you, ask to provide you with contacts of a person who has a greater authority to negotiate with you. If you manage to find a manager or owner (someone who needs you for his own good), you have high chances to get higher rates.


throw-an-extra-item 8- Throw an extra item

If the price is low, then you may try to throw an extra service. For example, you can offer to add promotions on social media. If you usually promote products on social media, just keep quiet about it.

Something extra can add value to your work and increase the rate that a brand wanted to pay you in the first place.


practice 9- Practice

You can’t become an influencer if you don’t practice. Learn to compromise, convince people and negotiate. Use different tactics and see in what ways you tend to convince people that your rates are justified.


do-not-take-it-personally10- Don’t take it personally

Sometimes, a brand can’t pay you money because they have a limited budget. You shouldn’t think that someone doesn’t value your work. Treat people with respect, understand different conditions, and who knows maybe the next time, they will return to you and offer you a higher price.



You must have confidence and value what you do. Therefore, you must always have a list of your greatest strength to ensure brands to cooperate with you. If you can do it, you will become a desirable partner for various companies and maybe you will not have to negotiate at all. Remember that when one side wins, it’s not good enough for a successful collaboration. Strive to make a win-win outcome for a great and long-lasting partnership.


Author’s Bio:

Sandra Larson is an experienced blogger who turned her social influence into a profitable business. She shares her knowledge on how to use your travel experience and style skills to find partners and collaborate. She also shares her tips for non-technical bloggers’ success with big brands.

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2 thoughts on “10 Tricks that Will Help You Negotiate With Brands

  1. Superb tricks! In branding, these tricks will help one be successful. One can do the negotiation and give his or her best but sometimes they may get fail to achieve the purpose. Negotiation creates value but when? When it influences.

    In your mentioned tricks, I liked two the most: 1) Learn to compromise and 2) Don’t give without getting. If you are not getting something you should stop giving; this is what I believe.

    Will look into your articles further. Thank you for your efforts towards this content.

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