How to Get Influencers to Collaborate With Your Brand

There are so many businesses and people out there who are trying to make their mark in online marketing so it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Your best solution to make it to the top is to pair up with an influencer. This guide should help you get influencers to collaborate with your brand so they just can’t refuse.


1. What is influencer marketing?
Influencer marketing is a strategy to increase your business’s reach and sales by pairing up with someone who has a large online following and a trusted reputation and opinion. By boosting your profile, as a brand you’re boosting your leads and therefore your revenue.
2. Find the right project
There are so many products and services out there that will be competing with your project, so you need to make sure there’s something special or different about yours. If your project is just average, it’ll be much harder to get an influencer to be engaged about it.
3. Brainstorm
To reach the right project, you need to start with a great idea and a successful planning to make sure you start on the right foot. Be creative and think outside the box – brainstorm as many good ideas as you can and create a list from them. Rita Varly, a marketer at StudentWritingServices and Do my essay, suggests that “if you’re struggling with ideas, don’t hesitate to be motivated by other brands online, and write down what stands out. Once you’ve got your master list, either choose one or create a hybrid idea.”
4. Establish your goals
Once you have your project idea, you have to establish a timeline and goals so you can keep your project on track. This includes objectives like how much you want your conversion rates to be improved, how much you want to spend, how long the campaign will last, and more. Then, you have to figure out what format your content will take and which will showcase your goals the best – is it an ebook, an infographic, a blog post, etc.?
5. Find the right influencers
This is a difficult but very important step, because it’s overwhelming and you want to find the right fit for your brand. The key here is knowing as much as you can about your target audience and demographics so you can have the best leads for the right influencers. You want to create a pitch that will engage them and get them interested in your project. What you can do to start tracking them down is by Googling the keywords that you’re targeting to see what kind of experts in the field come up. You can also search influencers in Buzzsumo which has great features to find influencers in certain niches. There are influencer platforms like, for example. This platform in particular has more than 25 000 influencers with their profiles constantly checked and verified. These influencers have between 5000 to 15m followers and they have a minimum of 3% engagement. This can be a nice help if your budget isn’t huge.
6. Consider micro-influencers
You don’t need the most high profile influencers to reach your goals, you can actually get niche-specific micro-influencers, who have smaller followings but you’ll know they’re specifically about your industry. It’s more important to get an influencer that’s in the right field than one with the largest following.
7. Prepare your pitch

The next step is preparing your pitch for your chosen influencers. Before jumping in, you want to learn as much as you can about them, their specialty, their engagement, previous projects, and habits, so you can cater your pitch to them. Influencers want to be compensated with money, so goodies, gifts, discounts and other similar things don’t work here. It’s better to pay monetary. Some influencer platforms don’t even allow these alternative compensations. Many influencers will prefer monetary compensation, which makes sense, but you can also discuss shout outs, product discounts, commissions, and more. Create a custom compensation package that works for both of you that they won’t be able to refuse. Finally, your outreach email to these influencers must be well-written and professional. Check out these online tools that can help with this step:


By following these tips, you’ll be prepared to pitch to an influencer to start a collaboration they can’t turn down. Good luck!


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Ellie Coverdale, a technical and social media writer at Australian Reviewer and Write my Australia, loves sharing her new research on marketing and social media as well as influencer culture. She shares her knowledge of the industry and teaches content writing at OX Essays.

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