How To Grow Your Business And Brand With Influencer Marketing

Using influencers to market your business and brand is becoming a norm in this digital age. The reason behind this is that influencers are starting to gain more exposure because of the large variety of social media platforms. Whether it’s sharing stories through blogs or videos, influencers have a massive fan following from a varied background. 

However, there is a certain way to go about doing influencer marketing to ensure desired results. You need to make sure that you aren’t just wasting money on a marketing campaign with no returns and need to see that it’s reaching your target audience. 

How can you manage your campaign strategy to perfection? Here are nine ways of growing your business and brand with influencer marketing in 2019:

make-a-network-of-influencers  1- Make a network of influencers that will establish your brand

Getting one or few influencers can be good for you, but using more than one will increase conversion rate and make your customers more engaged. Because of this, you need to have a larger network of influencers that you will work with to promote your brand to different audience groups.


turn-your-brand-into-an-experience  2- Turn your brand into an experience

Once you have selected the best influencers, you will need to make your brand come to life by turning it into an experience. Therefore, you should focus on more than just promoting your products. 

You should additionally attach an experience or emotion to your brand, let the influencers take part in that experience and then share it with their followers.


work-with-influencer-for-product-development  3- Work with influencers for product development


For desired brand growth, you should also scale the relationship with influencers and take it to another level by collaborating with them. Influencers understand their audience better, so they will know what sells to them. 

Think about Kanye West’s collaboration with Adidas that gave birth to the highly exalted Yeezy Sneakers. You can reach the same results when you collaborate with influencers.


make-the-brand-more-visible  4- Make your brand more visible

For the business to get more sales, your brand needs to be seen by the maximum amount of people as possible. You need to get in touch with users through all social media platforms, especially Instagram, as it’s the most trending one. Also, ask influencers to post storytelling videos or blogs about your products if they have enough followers on those platforms.


support-a-good-cause-with-influencers  5- Support a good cause with influencers

Attaching your brand to a certain cause or movement will help you gain popularity and more conversions. The reason behind this is that 80% of customers would buy from an unknown company if it has affiliations with a certain social cause. Choose a cause that you will support, which is relevant to your business as well as the brand.


help-influnecers-post-unique-and-engaging-content  6- Help influencers post unique and engaging content

You should help influencers create unique and engaging content and the greatest way to do this is to remain quiet and watch things happening. Really, you should let influencers play their own game because they know how to communicate with their followers and engage with them. If your content guidelines are seen as too restrictive, you might lose collaboration opportunities with influencers.

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make-influencers-show-a-slight-preview-of-your-future-products  7- Make influencers show a slight preview of your future products

Influencers can help build up hype around unreleased products by posting an exclusive preview of the product. That hype can help all types of businesses, the ones that are still relatively new in the game and even the more senior market holders.  If you get enough hype, your business might build a formidable name in that respective industry.


develop-contests-to-engage-customers-and-gain-exposure 8- Develop contests to engage customers and gain exposure


You can develop contests that may involve influencers’ audience to post content about your brand or share influencers’ post to get freebies.

To pull this off, you need total dedication from the influencer for you to get the engagement and support the business needs. Influencers can do this for you within a few clicks on their screens.



develop-a-hashtag-your-influencers-will-promote  9- Develop a hashtag your influencers will promote

To get more people talking about your brand in a channelized manner, you need to develop a hashtag that the influencer will promote and share. Once you have opened that dialog with users of the platform, your brand will get more recognition and more people will be driven towards your business.



Growing your business using influencer marketing is a great way for the products and services you are offering to gain exposure . However, you need a group of influencers that will work in tandem with you and help reach the business goals. 


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