How to Know if Influencer Marketing is Right for You

Influencer marketing is a method of social media marketing which uses endorsements and mentions of different products by people who have a large social presence or who have a large following in their field.

Influencer marketing thrives on the trust that a person has built on his followers. We are often gullible and mendable through the bright pictures, attractive products and good aesthetics without seeing the actual worth of the product. The new generation more often than ever, rates a product basis on how famous it is or who uses the product. 

Earlier, influencer marketing was only about celebrity influencers, but people realized their reach and their ability to change people’s mind. Hence, a robust and diverse marketing strategy should include brand ambassadors, macro and micro influencers as well as power middle influencers.


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In such a scenario, as a brand, you would want to invest in influencer marketing for the promotion of your products.

However, not all products can pull this off and not every brand will see positive returns to this strategy.


How to Know if Influencer Marketing is Right for You


Influencer marketing is beneficial to your brand when you are facing one or more of the below mentioned problems:


tight_budgets_constraints  1- Tight budgets constraints


There is also a need to achieve more within less budgets. More creativity and better results are asked for in lower budgets from Marketing. Excessive competition has made social media ads very expensive.

In such circumstances, one-time investment in the right influencer can push the arrow of results in the desired positive direction. With influencer marketing, one can reach a large audience in a shorter duration.



building_trust_with_your_audience 2- Difficulty in building trust with audience


It is possible that you spend large amounts of time and resources in creating the best possible content for your product, but it still doesn’t resonate with your audience. They simply don’t engage or connect with your product.

In such cases, influencers can help give it the right push. Influencers can make your audience listen to what you are trying to say. They can make your product and brand look attractive to the target audience. 


consumers_not_liking_being_sold_to  3- Buyers not liking being sold to


In a lot of marketing campaigns, buyers feel that they are being pushed too hard to buy the product which makes them go the other way. The extra effort that the company makes in marketing comes out in the wrong way as very pushy.

This drives away the customers and decreases the brand value. For such cases also, an influencer can help show the true qualities of a product as well as the benefits. 



If your brand is facing any of these above problems, you may indulge in influencer marketing. However, to make sure that it is the right fit for your brand, the points given below must be kept in mind: 



product_with_mass_appeal 1- Product with mass appeal


Every product has a story behind it and that story must be popular. You need to determine if the product draws interest from the masses. For that you can ask questions like “How often is the product or its use/need mentioned in the media?”, “What customers must your brand target?”, “Is there a specific section of potential customers that already use similar products? If yes, who are these buyers?” 

Mass appeal is very important to extract the maximum benefits from influencer marketing. If it is a niche product with limited audience, then even the best influencer marketing strategy is most likely to go unrewarded.



product_design 2- Design to win


Marketing will only improve the brand name if there is lucrative design and content. Without design, marketing will not kick off. A good product design always delivers a clear message to the audience. The content must be crisp and easy to understand.

Define a strategy that works in line with the objective and vision of your brand. Build a design that captures that and shows it very strongly. Where most brands stutter is the first impression creation. Curating the correct design and media content might require creative, graphically strong investment from resources but it is essential to make sure that influencer marketing is hit right.



pick_your_correct_apple 3- Picking the correct apple


Depending on the product, the influencer must be picked. For example, if your brand is for cosmetics, it is essential that you pick someone who is looked up-to for her social image, if your brand is about a sport merchandise, then you must choose a famous sport person. Picking the right apple in this strategy is extremely important to have maximum benefits.


Wrapping Up


Influencer marketing can not only increase sales but also bring customer loyalty, transparency and value. Right place, right platform and right content is essential to make sure that influencer marketing is right for you. Dip in the social media platform as well as strategy to see what really works best.



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