Pros and Cons of Becoming a Micro-Influencer in 2020

Micro-influencer is a person who has followers in the range from 1,000 up to 50,000 on any social media platform.

These people are authentic and have a passionate audience. They also possess great marketing potential. Many brands are interested in working with them.

They usually have higher engagement rates and more connection with their subscribers.

In this article, we’ve gathered the pros and cons of becoming and micro-influencer in 2020.




Pros of Being a Micro-Influencer

Easier to Become One

Micro-influencing is easier than becoming a huge creator. Reaching 2,000 subscribers is a simpler goal. It requires less everyday efforts, especially on Instagram.

The key is to have engaging content that is visually pleasant and interesting. Micro-influencers tend to work in one sphere, whether it is traveling, cooking, being a parent, etc.

People trust them because they have some level of knowledge, expertise and are eager to share those.

Not so Stressful

There is less pressure. Macro-influencers are pressured to have excellent content as they are constantly judged by millions.

On the contrary, smaller in range creators can remain authentic and enjoy their life while having a loyal audience. In a way, they have more freedom with their content as they are less exposed to a wider audience.

Whether they post about various services like EssayPro or their vacation, such a material is more likely to be received positively.

Also, they can take time off from social media, while many influencers simply don’t have such a luxury.

Good Prospects

Micro-influencers have great potential in marketing. Creating ads brings the most to the table, and such persons have a benefit here.

Statistically, they bring more conversions and engagement than bigger profiles. Smaller creators have 22.2x higher conversion rates and more trust from the audience. They make 7 times more engagement by one post, and the brand are more interested in cooperation with them.

Less Expensive Cooperation

Working with micro-influencer is more affordable for brands. Additionally, to the higher response rate, they offer lower prices to make a deal with.

Not every brand, especially a small one or a family-owned business, can afford cooperation with celebrities. Yet, they are willing to reach a new audience and promote their products.

The influencers’ market will grow to $15 billion worth by 2022. It means that a pretty good share of the expected deals will go to smaller in scale creators are they are more beneficial to companies.

Closer to People

As a micro-influencer, one can be in touch with the audience. The huge benefit is that it is easier to build trust with followers, communicate with them on an everyday basis.

There is no glass wall, and there are not so many subscribers that one will be overloaded with messages. You can still answer the comments, engage in conversations and have a great time.

Ultimately, it attracts more subscribers and creates a loyal following as people see that you care.

Space for Growth

There is always room for boost and development. Any micro-influencer has the potential to gain millions of subscribers one day.

There is a possibility to grow while already earning money, which is a great advantage. You can have deals with companies or promote your own product. At the same time, there is always an opportunity to attract new subscribers.


Cons of Being a Micro-Influencer

A Niche is a Limit

You need to have a specific niche. It is hard to gain followers without any specifics in one’s content. Whether you are excited about books, cinema, photography or traveling, there should be a particular focus in your posts.

Only celebrities can get away with making their own life a piece of content. Others need to provide helpful and exciting content. You need to find what you are good at and dwell on this matter.

Post, Post, Post

Yeah, consistent, at times, even constant posting is a must.

Being a social media creator means providing content daily. If you go away for a month, you’ll probably lose a lot of followers.

Whether it is a post or a story, there should be something new every day to engage the audience.

Be Attentive

You need to care about what you promote more. The audience trusts micro-influencers because they are authentic.

People think that they are more likely to try out the product and recommend it because they liked it.

It means that if you promote something bad for the money, there will be a backlash. It is essential to promote only ethical and helpful products that you can enjoy. Otherwise, subscribers might think that you are selling out.




In Summary

Being a social media creator is a great opportunity. You can write about what you like and earn money while staying in touch with people who share your interests.

At the same time, it requires attention, knowledge, and responsibility to gain followers and keep them loyal. You’ll need to provide lots of helpful, funny, and engaging content.



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