5 Influencer Marketing Tactics to Build Ultimate Brand Awareness



It’s been a while now since influencer marketing became very popular. Brands, both big and small, leverage this marketing tactic to promote their products and services, increase their brand awareness and create more exposure for their business.

But what exactly is influencer marketing? Simply put, you try to locate specific individuals who have great influence over their target audience, hence the name “influencers”. You collaborate with them to reach a broader audience or to target specific niche consumers.

This type of marketing is very powerful these days. As a matter of fact, word-of-mouth promotions from influencers can influence 20 to 50% of purchases.

Moreover, 49% of consumers on Twitter look for such recommendations from influencers while 20% of them state that a tweet from an influencer encourages them to make their own recommendations to friends and family.

What’s more, 40% of Twitter users claim that a tweet from an influencer also encouraged them to make a purchase. With that in mind, here are a few influencer marketing tactics to build ultimate brand awareness.


Identify and define your audience

Before you start collaborating with influencers, you have to learn as much as you can about your own audience. Market research can help you achieve this and more. It can also help you determine your goals, as well as the type of influencer marketing you want to utilize.

First, you must identify and define your audience. For instance, determine who they are, what their demographics are, their preferences, needs, demands, and expectations, among other things.

After that, try to determine if they’re already following some influencers on social media platforms. Once you’ve conducted thorough research, you can start developing your influencer marketing strategy.



Create a network of influencers for your brand

Creating a network of influencers you can collaborate with is beneficial for your brand. The main reason is that you don’t always know who might suit your strategy the best. Various types of influencers are suited for different types of brand architecture.

That said, depending on the tactics you’re planning to use, it doesn’t hurt to be in contact with multiple influencers who specialize in different things. Therefore, don’t hesitate to create your own network and establish relationships with influencers who may help you in the future.


Create a unique experience around your brand

Influencer marketing doesn’t mean outsourcing your product or service promotion to influencers on social media. As mentioned before, influencer marketing works extremely well for increasing brand awareness.

Therefore, you must work together with influencers to create a truly unique experience around your brand. Influencers can make this experience come to life and present your brand to their audience in a way that will boost awareness about you.

Allow influencers to share the experience with you and help you create the ultimate strategy that will make your brand stand out from the rest. After all, influencers will portray your brand’s experience to their audience and audience members will associate your brand with a positive experience.


Maximize your visibility

Visibility is the key to brand awareness. To leverage the full potential of influencer marketing, you must have a strong presence on relevant social media channels. However, simply having such a presence isn’t enough.

You must engage with your audience and portray your brand to them the best way possible. As you may already know, one of the best ways to increase an audience’s engagement on social media is through content marketing.

But, the content you produce must be of top-quality and it must be highly relevant to your audience as well. Furthermore, your content must compliment your brand. Everything you create must be branded.

That includes proper design for your content that matches the design of your brand. For example, let’s consider infographics design.

Reliable companies such as Infostarters provide infographics with a unique design that will match your branding efforts. That way, whether you share such content directly or it’s shared by influencers, you’ll always be able to maintain brand consistency.



Create an original product with an influencer

If you’re considering developing a new product for the purpose of launching a new marketing campaign, you can always include influencers from the very beginning. This will create a unique partnership and a relationship between you.

Moreover, your influencers will have insight into product development and they’ll be an integral part of the entire journey. When it comes to promotion, your influencers will be able to showcase this new product to the audience in an entirely new light while working their magic to boost your brand awareness.

Collaborating with influencers in such ways is very beneficial for your brand awareness. The main reason is that influencers will get the chance to not only familiarize themselves with your product but your brand, in general.

Influencer marketing has vast potential when it comes to promoting brands or their products and services. To fully leverage this marketing strategy means more brand awareness and more exposure than ever before. However, before you can benefit from influencer marketing, it’s very important to build a solid strategy, beforehand.


Jolene Rutherford

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