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7 Strategies for Boosting Your Instagram Engagement

Managing an Instagram Business account can be hard work at times and even after exerting much effort, the results could still be unsatisfying. For example, you might try by all means to create content that appeals to the masses but it might fail to get the engagement rate that you expected. 

The entire social media marketing strategy received a jolt and that can be discouraging. Therefore, you need ways to engage customers like making videos posts for Instagram engagement. If you are wondering what else can you do to boost your Instagram engagement rate, here are 7 strategies to do so.

Strike a meaningful conversation

One of the most successful ways of engaging an audience further is by telling a story or striking a meaningful conversation. You can learn from the great examples of Grace Atwood and Joel Brown, who have mastered the art of captivating the audience using words. These two examples do not do anything extraordinary but rather strike a real and passionate conversation with the audience.  

Communicating with the audience conversationally incites a response and that increases your engagement rate. When doing this, you could tell a story or alternatively start a topic that requires the audience’s input. You can note down the topics that will be discussed in each day.

Using Instagram Stories to the best capacity

Instagram Stories have become one of the most important features of this social media app. You cannot log in on Instagram and leave without viewing the stories appearing on your timeline. 

The professional writers at best essay writing service suggest that you should leverage this feature to get a higher engagement rate by letting know followers when new content has been posted. You can also use Instagram Stories to create polls where the audience can voice their opinions. 

Some businesses might like to link their website and therefore, you need to ensure that even the smallest details like a Custom URL Shortener are in place. You can post the shortened URL on both your story or bio for customers to access easily. Instagram Stories also have unique stickers that make it easier for the audience to engage with the posted image or video.

Piggyback on the most successful content you have posted

Change is good in some instances but in cases such as Instagram marketing, an abrupt development can be detrimental. Therefore, you need to maintain consistency in the content you create and post. If you have veered off course and see your engagement rate dropping, it is important to back to where it all started.  

Go over the old posts to see what kind of content engaged the audience from the onset. You can then try to create the content that the target audience prefers using video and image Design Software. Some experts have also mentioned sticking to one filter, and Vans has been using this technique to engage their customers.

Avoid causing follower fatigue

As time goes on, customers may grow tired of you if the content posted on the business Instagram account is always urgent. When you have urgent news, customers will think that it’s just one of those days again and the results would be losing many valuable engagements. 

Therefore, even though being enthused is a good trait for Instagram marketing, it can be detrimental when overdone. Therefore, do not be overzealous but rather use urgency and scarcity only when necessary. 

It can be a little challenging for businesses to recover from follower fatigue and it takes a while for you to regain your engagement rate back.

Be part of an Instagram pod

There are a lot of ways to get higher engagement rates on Instagram but a lot of those methods are not aboveboard. For example, buying followers and being involved in Blackhat schemes are the norm for desperate brands that want to grow their engagement rate. These brands do not reach their goals most of the time but instead end up being penalized by Instagram. 

You can avoid this and use Instagram pods to get more organic traffic on your account. The pods work as groups where businesses with an almost similar audience join forces with one another to get a higher conversion rate. 

When a business posts, the pod will like and share the content making it easier for their followers to recognize and like the post. You can join a pod by searching for pod groups on other social media channels like Facebook and then ask for an invitation. 

Post photos of people 

Images of buildings, vehicles, and vectors are all good but not as half as great photos of people. When people smile for the camera of if they are sad, it is evident in the photo. Therefore, this type of image invokes emotions from those looking at it. Moreover, seeing faces of people makes customers trust the business even more.  

That is the reason why video chat with industry experts using TheOne makes you happy than telephonic conversations. Therefore, you should leverage your Instagram account to have more photos of people instead of objects and branding images. Also, do not resort to stock images because users will read right through your deception.

Use the right hashtags appropriately

Hashtags play a critical role in the visibility of the content posted on Instagram and, thus, should be used wisely and effectively. 

Randomly using hashtags on any post that is not even related to each other can lead to bad results. Therefore, use hashtags appropriately by researching their context to match them with relevant content. Also, do not use too many hashtags but only include a few and hide them from plain sight on your post. 

You can do that by separating the caption with the hashtags using full stops on each line until they disappear. That will make your content look clean and beautiful while optimized for hashtag searches. 

You can also develop your own branded hashtag like the one being used by Asus computers. They promote their new laptop under the hashtag #VivoBook and that is the format you can follow.

The bottom line

These 7 strategies can help you boost your engagement rate on Instagram and reach the business’s respective objectives on this social media channel. You should use hashtags wisely, join an Instagram pod, and use authentic pictures of people on Instagram for a higher engagement rate. Do not forget to leverage Instagram Stories and striking a conversation with the target audience using an in-depth image or video captions.


About the author:

Becky Holton is a journalist and a blogger at top essay writing services. She is interested in education technologies, paper service and is always ready to support informative speaking. Follow her on Twitter.

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