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TikTok vs Instagram – Which videos are better for influencers?

While the app has been around for many years, TikTok has taken off in a major way in the last year and a half or so. It is currently the most popular app out there, and has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times and has hundreds of millions of users. While it is great for being entertained, it has also helped launch the careers of many influencers.

However, in the social media space, Instagram has long been the king for influencers. It has helped thousands of influencers from all walks of life rise to fame and reach millions of people and build their brands. But many think that TikTok is quickly coming for the crown.

So which is better for influencers, TikTok or Instagram videos? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a closer look at. We’ll begin by looking at each platform, and then ultimately decide which is better for influencers.


TikTok has recently burst onto the scene and is currently the most popular app and their parent company is valued at over $100 billion, largely thanks to TikTok. It is comedic, very on-trend and allows for a lot of creativity. It is a judgement-free zone and very laid-back and casual compared to many other platforms. While the platform is laid back, you still need to be creative and put some work into your videos. Of course, be sure to also learn how to properly format TikTok video to ensure the video is as high-quality as possible.

One of the main differences between TikTok and Instagram is the audience. While Instagram is very popular amongst millennials, TikTok is incredibly popular amongst teens and a younger audience. So if your target or audience is younger, TikTok might be the place to build your influence.

Another thing that sets TikTok apart is their algorithm. It is very advanced and helps deliver the content people want to see, right on their “For You” page. This endless stream of content can really get people hooked and use the app for hours at a time. Also, TikTok gives everyone the chance to go viral, not just those with the most followers who are very popular.


Instagram began as a way to share and post photos, but has grown into something much larger in recent years. It now supports stories, videos, IGTV and private messages, and is famous for its filters and social feed. They have a ton of users, and are a great place for creatives and influencers to build an audience.

Instagram can be used to share quick snippets and funny videos, but also works well with longer sketches or scripted content. Generally, influencers will put a lot of time into their Instagram videos, and make sure they are polished. They may appear more professional and take more time to edit and create. This is slightly different from TikTok, where the videos can be a lot more casual in most cases.

Instagram has a slightly older and more educated user base than TikTok, so might be the right place if that fits your audience. While the growth of the app has slowed, it is still one of the most popular and you will see thousands of influencers posting there daily.

Which is better for Influencers?

Now that you know a bit about both TikTok and Instagram, which is better for influencers? If you focus on more intensive and detailed videos, or the sharing of photos, and have a more mature and older audience, Instagram is likely the place for you. However, if your audience trends younger, and your content is short, sweet and easy-to-create, TikTok could work wonders for you.

TikTok is a little more DIY than Instagram, and there are also more sharing and interaction options, which can help with engagement. Also, TikTok is a very supportive environment, which can be incredibly important for established influencers, and also those looking to build an audience.

While Instagram has long been at the top, and has helped thousands build their brand, TikTok is growing rapidly and offers great potential for influencers to reach even more people with their messaging. It is new, exciting and still growing, so there is more potential there currently than anywhere else for influencers. This growth can allow for influencers to build their audience quicker than on an established platform like Instagram.

However, if you truly want to build influence and be the best influencer possible, using both Instagram and TikTok is a good idea. They have different target audiences, and focus on different content. Both can be very fruitful for influencers and if possible, people should continue to utilize both.

In conclusion, we hope that this blog post has been able to help you learn a little more about which videos are better for influencers.

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