Increase Your Brand Awareness With Celebrities Product Placement

We are all familiar with the celebrity endorsed products on TV and there are quite a few that come to mind when think about the many brands that have famous faces associate with them. With the entrance of the social media platforms and their use for business promotion, celebrity endorsements have found yet another, brand new platform to move onto.

You might have seen a number of selfies on Instagram from a popular celebrity’s account with a product from a specific brand displayed prominently in the background. Maybe it’s an athlete who is posting her early morning workout selfie with a protein shake from a well known brand in her hand or a world famous model putting up a pic of her special make-up using a specific brand’s beauty range. The audience of enthusiastic fans, all ready to mimic their favorites, may not even know that a branding exercise is actually in motion here.

There are quite a few reasons why brand turn to celebrities to become their brand ambassadors on social media and if your business is looking for Instagram influencers, these are some things you should certainly consider:

  • Increased media attention

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a well known celebrity? The media attention, the flashbulbs popping and the scores of press member wanting to get a ‘byte’, isn’t it? Celebrities are always great news or the media always has an eye on what they are doing because the audience is always so keen to get information about their favorite idols. When you associate with a celebrity, you automatically get a lot of publicity that you could never garner on your own, simply because you are communicating through an individual who is the center of attention. You can take the help of professional Instagram product placement platforms like Ifluenz to get access to the right celebrities to endorse your brand.

  • Access to a ready-made fanbase

There is no business or brand in this world that will turn down an opportunity to access a ready- made fan base that can be easily influenced by one individual or group. This is exactly what you get when you associate with a celebrity for some brand promotion through their social media channels. You can rest assured that anything they wear, they use or they talk about is going to be the next big thing among their fans so if you get your celebrity to promote your product, you have a clear ‘in’ with their audience base. A whole group of people, all vying to try your product just because their idol does- what can be better than that?

  • Your words on their lips or your pics on their Instagram

Brand endorsements do not need to be verbal anymore. Like we pointed out before, a well placed make-up kit displaying your brand name, on the make-up table of a well known model conveys that she loves your products and uses them regularly. Not a word needs to be spoken to send this message across millions of folks who visit her pages regularly.

The best thing about Instagram influencer marketing using celebrities is that you can call the shots on what is done, how the product is presented and more.

Join the movement of businesses who are already benefiting from Instagram influencer marketing.

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