Make Your Brand Popular With Instagram Product Placement

Instagram was released in the latter half of 2010. Barely two months after its launch, it hit the one million user mark. Today, nearly six years later, the number of Instagram users has grown to more than 500 times. The company’s user base includes people from all over the world, belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds and different age groups.

Needless to say, the platform has gained the attention of marketers worldwide and is proving itself to be a very lucrative method of advertising. The following tips will help you understand how you can use Instagram for your brand.

As Instagram primarily deals with sharing photographs, it makes sense to use it for advertising your products with pictures. All initiatives need to be approached with some professionalism as your viewers will want to share only high quality, interesting photographs.


Your primary objective for using Instagram as a platform to reach your target audience is to increase the engagement between your brand and potential customers. Posting interesting photographs and fresh ideas will help you generate a few likes and followers. But there are more than 60 million posts per day, and each of them competes for the attention of the active users.

Hashtagging your posts makes it easier for your target demographic to find your photographs. Just like with Twitter, make sure that you associate your posts with the relevant tags. Make sure that you do some research to choose the right hashtags that will work with your brand.

Accessing Your Target Demographic

The main reason that social media platforms like Instagram have become so popular amongst advertisers is because it gives brands the opportunity to interact with their target audience, instead of merely broadcasting their message.

This level of engagement allows you to gather more information about how your target demographic functions and design your products and services accordingly. You may access your target demographic by using the right hashtags and geotagging your posts to make it more relevant to their tastes.

Influencer Marketing

Most people rely on organic advertisement methods and try to gain a foothold in social media platforms. But if you truly want to make an impact in your industry, you may use influencers to expose your brand to a much larger audience.

Influencers have thousands, millions of followers and their posts are able to generate much more internet hype than most other users. Creating influencer marketing campaigns with Ifluenz provide excellent value for your brand.

Each brand needs to have a unique approach to advertising on Instagram, according to the products and services they offer. You will need to find out your target demographic and the best Instagram influencers who can market your brand effectively.

The right influencers will be able to place your products in their posts much more naturally, and will be able to generate a considerable number of likes. Finally, don’t be afraid when influencers get creative. Instagram is, after all, a great place to showcase¬†visual talents!

Join the movement of businesses who are already benefiting from Instagram influencer marketing.

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