Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay: Here is why

Research shows that US marketers spend $570 million a year on influencer marketing campaigns. But why? As a new business, you may wonder what the hype is about influencer marketing and whether you should invest in it or not.

In this article, we’ll attempt to answer these questions.

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy where a company uses social media influencers to promote products and services. An influencer is a person who is extremely popular on social media and has a very large following.

Influencers are similar to celebrities, except, they are more relatable, more realistic and more approachable. They are the girls/boys-next-door, who are experts in a particular field and who provide valuable inputs, tips and tricks to their followers.

Why influencer marketing won’t disappear from the pages of marketing textbooks?

The early 1900s saw celebrities endorsing brands on television. But as time passed, customers didn’t find celebrities authentic. Fast-forward a century and the early 2000s saw a rise in the number of non-celebrity thought leaders, who specialized in certain domains or who were experts at using a product or a service.

Customers looking for information found advice from these influencers extremely helpful and more realistic. Soon, the influencer marketing industry burgeoned and there were companies that specialized in providing influencer marketing services, by connecting brands with the right influencers.

Now it’s been more than a decade since influencer endorsement took precedence over celebrity endorsements in the minds of customers.

At ifluenz, we are certain that influencer marketing will remain the reigning marketing tool for long. Here’s why:

  • Influencers are more trustworthy

Influencers can also be normal people, non-celebrities who are more likely to have used the product/service they are recommending, compared to celebrities who only endorse a brand for monetary gain.

This makes influencers more believable and authentic.

  • Influencers are highly engaging

The most a brand will do is post content on social media and allow followers to interact amongst themselves. But influencers often choose to actively communicate with their followers every day.

From replying to their questions to customizing posts based on followers’ preferences, influencers are highly personal and in tune with what their followers want.

  • Influencers are more involved

The fact is influencers really do care more about their social media followers, than celebrity endorsers. This is why they always try out the tips they offer, before offering them to their followers.

They are also interested in maintaining long-lasting relationships with their followers and are more likely to help customers solve their problems than any other brand endorser.

  • Influencers offer solutions and add value

Most influencers are the masters of finding the easiest solutions and the best deals. Take influencer The Deal Guy for example. He actually records himself using various products and reviews it based on multiple criteria, from ease of use to budget-friendliness. He also informs users of discounts, sales and deals that’ll help them make the most savings.

His videos are the go-to content for anyone looking to make a purchase.

  • Influencers are generational peers

Studies show that 70% of millennial consumers make a purchase based on advice from their peers. If you take a look at the influencers and their followers, you’ll notice one thing in common – they all belong to the same generation/age group. This essentially makes them peers.

When you use influencers in your marketing campaign, you’re introducing an endorser who is more demographically and psychologically similar to your customers. This makes your prospects and customers more receptive to advice and recommendation, increasing chances of purchase.

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