Launching a New Product? Influencer Marketing is a Must!

Influencer marketing has been there in the marketing world for quite some time now. Every savvy marketer understands the power of influencers in driving sales. So why shouldn’t it be used for launching a new product? Irrespective of whether you are a B2B or a B2C marketer, influencer marketing is simply a must for launching a new product.


Influencer marketing relies on influencers, people who have a huge fan-following both in the online and offline domains. But that doesn’t mean you approach any second famous personality you come across. The influencer you choose should have a connection to your brand and reflect all its attributes. It is only when you choose the right influencer that you will be able to achieve your business bottom line.


If you are launching a product, here are a few reasons why you should include influencer marketing in your strategy:



Creating brand awareness


As a business owner who’s introducing a new product, the first thing you should focus on is brand awareness. How many people are aware that your product exists? If it’s a new product, it’s unlikely for people to know. This is where you can loop in an influencer who would do the job for you.


Influencers are popular amongst their social circles, which comes as an advantage for you. They can create a buzz around your brand, especially on social media platforms, and promote your product before people. Even if their fans don’t buy your product, at least they get to know that your product exists.



Influencer buyers’ decisions


Often, influencer marketing can actually push people to make a purchase. Most people follow famous personalities because they aspire to be like them. For example, if a famous actor or sportsperson, who is also a powerful influencer, boasts your new product, his or her fans will want to check out your product.


The influence certainly works at a subliminal level and changes perception from “No, I will never buy it” to “what’s there in checking it out”. Influencers can, thus, increase the popularity of your product and encourage people to trust you as a brand.



Creates authenticity


If you approach an influencer who actually uses your product, your new product is likely to look more genuine. Involving influencers in the content creation process and urging them to share it with their fans brand is a good way to paint an authentic picture of your brand. After all, every consumer buys a product from a trusted brand.


For example, your influencer uses your product and shares reviews with his or her fans in order to give a glimpse of the experience people are likely to get from your product. This organic post will have more weight than an ad because it is something the influencer wrote from his or her heart.



Increases social media popularity


Social media and influencer marketing usually go hand-in-hand. Amongst all social media platforms, Instagram is considered the best influencer marketing platform, followed by Facebook. This is not only because of the large user base but also because of their easy usability and powerful visual impact.


Social media influencers can help you boost your social media presence by boosting reach and engagement of your profile. This, in turn, will increase brand awareness and get more people to try your product. If finding the right influencer on Instagram is difficult, perhaps you can use a solution like Ifluenz, which bridges the gap between brands and influencers for conducting impactful influencer marketing campaigns.


Irrespective of the product you are launching, influencer marketing is a must if you are seeking to create a buzz around your brand and increase the number of users. All you have to do is engage the right influencer for the purpose.

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