New Brands : Stand Out With the Help of Influencers

No, influencer marketing is not new in the world of brand marketing. In fact, a lot of brands are actively leveraging the huge fan-following of influencers for promoting their products and services on social media channels. Why shouldn’t they? After all, influencer marketing is an effective strategy to cut the clutter and stand out from the rest.


Influencers are particularly advantageous for new brands whose primary objective is to get people to check their offers. If you are launching your new brand, here’s how influencer marketing can help you:



Creates brand awareness


Influencer marketing goes beyond traditional public relations strategies when it comes to creating brand awareness. Influencers enjoy a humungous fan-following on social media channels, something that can increase the reach of your brand. Influencers are capable of giving your new brand the initial exposure it needs. More often than not, the number of people reached can cross the one-million mark. It helps your brand break through the clutter and oozes out prominently.



Boosts your sales


The sale-boosting capability of influencers is one of the main reasons why so many brands are running influencer marketing campaigns. The huge fan-base of influencers gets a reason to check out a new brand as soon as your influencer talks about your products or services. This, however, depends hugely on the promotional channel used by the influencer and the duration of the influencer campaign. An effective influencer marketing campaign can reap results immediately or in a matter of a few days.



Makes your content marketing better


Content is the ultimate ruler in the digital space. The best part about influencer marketing is that it invites influencers to take part in the content creation process. They act as content machines that create original, relevant, and engaging content for your audience. Although you don’t own the content, you can still benefit if they happen to mention your brand in it. This can give an incredible boost to your brand’s online presence, something which is essential for a new brand aiming at in-store foot traffic, online sales or just higher audience engagement.



Increases brand trust


Consumers would prefer to buy a product that comes from a trusted brand. Influencers are good at creating a trust-worthy picture of your brand before consumers. Your influencer can associate himself or herself with your brand and change the way your consumers perceive your brand. This comes as an advantage over traditional advertising, which only focuses on delivering a message to a large audience. Influencers can communicate your brand message in a personalized manner and build the trust of your consumers. They become a trusted voice of your brand and takes it towards success.



Proves more cost-effective


Compared to traditional PR or advertising strategies, collaborating with powerful influencers is a good way of promoting your brand without spending whopping sums on ad slots. Influencer marketing is capable of generating a huge return on your initial investment. This is particularly seen when you work with micro-influencers. You can get mentions for your brand on influencer-generated content just by giving them free samples of your product or any other attractive offers to foster a long-lasting association. You stand a chance to make huge profits in a short period of time from an influencer marketing campaign.


Influencer marketing provides ample opportunities for brands to achieve their bottom line. But it’s extremely important that you approach the right influencer for the purpose. To make the job easier, you can go for a platform like Ifluenz, which helps you find the right influencers on Instagram for taking your new brand to the next level.

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