5 Badass Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns You Should Know About

Brand marketers often adopt creative marketing tactics to generate brand awareness and build brand loyalty to achieve their bottom line. But influencer marketing perhaps steals the limelight in this context owing to its ability to mold purchase decisions of consumers. The allegedly magical powers of influencer marketing become all the more prominent when such campaigns are run on Instagram.


In September 2017, Instagram had 800 million users, 500 million of which used their Instagram account every day. As such, it’s natural for 70.7 percent of businesses to use Instagram as their go-to platform for running marketing campaigns. Talking about influencer marketing, it was estimated that businesses would spend about $1.07 billion on influencer marketing campaigns in 2017. This number is expected to jump to $1.6 billion in 2018.


Looking at these numbers, it won’t be wrong to say that Instagram is kicking-off as a popular influencer marketing platform. Several brands have already leveraged popular celebrity’s huge fan-base to drive marketing results through influencer marketing. Let’s take a look at five brands and their kick-ass campaigns here:



Fiji Water


Fiji, the drinking water brand, looped in Danielle Bernstein as an influencer. We Wore What, the influencer’s fashion blog, partnered with Fiji Water to come up with a campaign called Bodyworewhat, which offered short workout videos with the influencer and Eric Johnson, the personal trainer.


The campaign’s objective was simple: to illustrate the brand’s commitment towards body hydration. The campaign’s messaging clearly put the idea across that one should keep themselves hydrated for feeling and looking like Bernstein. It used the right set of motivators to help her fans achieve this goal.



Estee Lauder


Estee Lauder, the 71-years old skincare brand, created a noise by looping on Kendall Jenner, a member of the Kardashian clan who has more than 81.2 million Instagram followers. The brand sought to appeal to a younger audience through the influencer campaign, which required Jenner to showcase her Estee Lauder products on her profile.


The campaign performed remarkably well by not only increasing the reach of the brand but also garnering trust of consumers. After the brand and the celebrity shared an identical photo, the brand’s profile picture got more than one thousand likes, and Jenner, about 1.2 million!





Sprint outperformed AT&T and Verizon in the recent times with its influencer campaign which featured Prince Royce, Gerard Adams, Lele Pons, Rachel Cook and Bradley Martin. The hashtag, #LiveUnlimited, sought to know what youngsters actually cared about.


Free music, rap, entrepreneurship and amazing video content, all appeal to young people of the present times, something that the brand just got right. The best part about the campaign is that all the influencers resonate the lifestyle and appearance of #LiveUnlimited.





Who doesn’t know Adidas? But the brand took its prominence a notch higher with its influencer campaign which looped in Selena Gomez, the popular popstar of the present times. Adidas encouraged the popstar’s followers to share snaps of themselves flaunting the brand’s products. Not only this, it also gave participants an opportunity to become one of the six models shortlisted for the official campaign.


The hashtag, #MyNeoShoot, picked up amazingly, and got over seventy-one thousand mentions. The brand saw a 24.2 percent rise in its sales between January 2015-16, making the campaign one of the most memorable ones of the recent times.





Lastly, there’s the Styld.by campaign of GAP that approached a number of influencers from different niches. Models, fashionistas, bloggers, and artists were just a few influencers who showed how they made GAP their choice of clothing brand.


GAP, with the help of influencers and their fan-base, launched a campaign that was not only easy to implement but also rewarding in terms of results. The brand saw an enormous increase in its reach, which otherwise would not have been possible.


The above are just a few examples of amazing influencer campaigns on Instagram. Creating such campaigns requires brands to make a smart choice of influencer. Perhaps a platform like Ifluenz can help by bridging the gap between brands and popular influencers.

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