Top UK Fashion Influencers in 2018

The UK is a haven for fashion lovers. It is also the playground for some of the world’s most inspired and inspiring fashion influencers. Influencer marketing is gaining traction and fashion brands that want to get noticed need to strike meaningful relationships with influencers. Fashion brands can also use influencer to get rid of excess stock.

Top 5 influencers in the UK

If there’s one reason to love London-based fashion influencer Emma Hill, it’s her ability to find the simplest of outfits and give them a real high-fashion twist. The queen of high-street fashion, Emma is the go-to person for any brand that sells simple, every-day clothing, but wishes to market themselves as a luxury/lifestyle brand.

Her extensive experience in mixing and matching styles helps Emma create beautiful designer-wear-like clothing sets. Now your prospects don’t need to buy high-fashion apparel from Oxford Street to look good. They can buy affordable apparel from you and learn how to style them for Fashion Week with Emma’s help.

If you’ve always loved the minimalism of the Scandinavians, but want to add the quirky tones of London’s street style to your super-minimalistic outfit, then taking a leaf out of London-based influencer Isabella Thorsden’s book is a good way to go.

Hailing from Denmark and having travelled across the UK, Isabella has implemented, curated and created hundreds of Scandinavia-UK inspired apparel tips for her readers to follow. She’s currently finished a tour of Italy and this has added a pan-European appeal to the work she does.

Clothing brands looking to inspire their patrons to try fresh, spring-inspired European designs can definitely consider Isabella as their influencer.

The most experienced fashion influencer in our list is Britain’s resident fashion diva Susie Lau. Having started her career in 2006 as a fashion blogger, Susie slowly rose through the ranks and is now one of the handfuls of influencers working with iconic brands like Louis Vuitton, Coach and Prada.

Susie also regularly contributes to the fashion section of big publications the likes of The Guardian, and Elle UK. Her Chinese heritage adds a bit of zing to her overtly British fashion style and you can see her sporting everything from simplistic designs to sassy streetwear.

Her blog Style Bubble is today the go-to source for all Londoners seeking fashion advice. Brands interested in gaining visibility in high-fashion circles will be highly-benefitted by Susie’s brilliant fashion sense and marketing chops.

No list of UK’s best fashion influencers will be complete without mentioning designer Alexa Chung.

Hampshire-born Alexa Chung has been shaping British fashion for over a decade. While her clothing lines have undertones of New York’s edgy street style and the elegance of Parisian party wear, her roots remain quintessentially British and this is obvious with her choice of palette and style.

From sparkly party wear to somber office wear, you’ll find multiple styles in her clothing lines. This makes her the perfect influencer choice for all fashion brands irrespective of the type of clothing they specialize in.

Essex-based Pandora Sykes is a journalist-cum-fashion-influencer who is one of the most intellectual influencers of all time. She has been a columnist for The Sunday Times Style and has written many socio-cultural pieces about fashion for journalistic giants like The Telegraph, The Times and CNN. She also does freelance writing for fashion bigwigs like Vogue Australia, Marie Claire, The Coveteur and i-D amongst others.

Currently, she runs a podcast channel with journalist Dolly Alderton, called The High Low, where she dispenses valuable fashion advice to listeners and talks about the latest trends in the fashion world.

Pandora Sykes is the perfect choice for brands looking to gain global coverage and high social media visibility.

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