Why Cosmetic Brands Must Use Instagram Influencers?

It’s a fact, cosmetic and beauty brands intensively use Instagram influencers. The beauty industry is one of the most competitive industries, with brands, whether local or international, fighting for customer’s attention on every platform possible. Whether you turn magazine pages, looking at billboards, scrolling through your phone, or flipping through TV channels, you are likely to see an advertisement for a cosmetic brand.

One of the most effective mediums for cosmetic brands to promote themselves in recent years is social media, particularly Instagram. This is due to the rising popularity of Instagram influencers. With their massive social media following, beauty influencers on Instagram have an unmatched niche market and trust of their followers which no other form of marketing can provide.

According to a survey from Socialbakers, it was found that on Instagram, the hundred biggest beauty brands mention another user, an influencer, on 66 percent of all their posts. That is a huge number, and it completely makes sense because the same survey revealed that for posts in which influencers were mentioned, they had an interaction of around 800. On the other hand, posts that did not mention influencers had a much lower interaction at just a median of 400. In other words, post interactions doubled because of influencer marketing campaigns.

A clear takeaway from these statistics is that Instagram influencer marketing is an extremely effective promotional strategy. Let’s find out why.

  • Instagram influencers have a niche market

Perhaps, one of the biggest advantage that influencer marketing strategy offers is that influencers have a niche market. For instance, people who follow beauty influencers are most likely those interested in cosmetics and skin care, making them more likely to spend their money on the products endorsed by the influencer. This is what makes Instagram influencers so effective; because you have the advantage of targeting the exact group you want.

For example, Kim Kardashian West’s beauty line KKW uses influencer marketing really well. Famous beauty influencers with massive followings try out her cosmetics and she herself reposts these videos and pictures, even appearing in some of them. It’s no wonder her brand is such a huge success.

  • Instagram influencers are trusted by followers

Secondly, Instagram influencers are deeply trusted and celebrated by their followers. This is the main distinction between traditional forms of advertising and influencer marketing. When an influencer markets or endorses a product, there is a unique personal touch to it.

One reason is that their followers find that they can actually relate to them better than traditional celebrities. They see them as mid-way celebrities – not as someone with fame and fortune unbothered by real-world problems, but as someone like them, who faces the same issues. There is a certain level of honesty and transparency expected of influencers by the followers, and this is a great leverage this type of marketing has.

  • Instagram influencers create brand awareness

Any marketing campaign’s aim is to create brand awareness among the public, and influencers are the perfect medium for this. Because they are trusted by their many followers, collaborating with them indirectly gains you this same trust. The best part is that tens of thousands, and even millions of people get to know about your product through the influencer’s post, widening your brand’s reach in a matter of minutes.

Brand awareness is important for both established brands and local start-ups, and influencer marketing is the ideal tool to achieve it.

  • Instagram influencers are readily available and affordable

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