Why Influencers Must Use Instagram Business Accounts?

As an influencer, it is crucial that you have high visibility. This will enable you to get the best brand partnerships with big names. The more followers, reach and engagement you have, the more successful you will be as an influencer. It won’t matter that you have premium quality content if there is no audience to see it. Switching to an Instagram business account will help you with your collaborations with brands.


  • Gain valuable insight on the performance of your posts and profile in general

With an Instagram business account, you can finally have access to analytics. You will be able to know how your posts are performing including impressions, the number of saves, how many profile visits a particular post has attracted and more. You can even have access to valuable insights on your followers and the number of profile visits in the past 7 days. For example, you know which countries your followers are from, and which cities, how many male and female followers you have, which age group your followers fall into, which day of the week, and which hours of the day they are most active and more.


  • You can provide links to relevant pages on your Instagram stories

With a business account, you have the ability to provide links on your stories. The “swipe up” feature can finally be made use of for your followers. This comes in extremely handy when collaborating with brands and you have to ask your followers to go to their website, or go an online store, or even sign-up for newsletters. Influencers drive traffic to websites of brands through their Instagram stories.


  • It is much easier for brands to get in touch with you

With a business account on Instagram, brands can easily get in touch with you. All they have to do is tap on the Contact option that automatically comes on your profile. If you provide your phone number, they can just press “Call” and they will be directly connected to your phone. If they want to mail you, all they have to do is tap on the Email option. You can even provide your address for easy correspondence.


As you can see, switching from a normal account to an Instagram business account provides tons of benefits for Instagram influencers. It provides valuable insights, allows direct linking on stories to other pages and makes it easier for brands to contact you. For Instagram influencers today, there are great influencer marketing platforms like iFluenz.com where you can connect to brands from various industries. This significantly makes the influencer experience much simpler, providing all kinds of influencers the perfect platform to boost their career on social media.

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