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How Influencer Marketing Boosts Your SEO?

Have you ever wonder if influencer marketing can impact positively your SEO? Research shows there are 1.8 billion websites in the world today. Only 0.1% of these websites receive 50% of the total traffic. This is almost always because of poor SEO.

SEO is the lifeline of business. Quality SEO can increase website and blog traffic by as much as 2000%. This is why marketers need to focus on creating better SEO for their websites.

The role of influencers in creating quality SEO

The characteristics of good SEO-optimized website are:

  • High-quality links
  • Correct keyword usage
  • Unique content
  • High engagement

According to influencer marketing companies like ifluenz, social media influencers can help businesses improve their SEO ranking online. Here’s how:

  • Influencers are one of the best sources of original and authentic content

One of the key criteria for a website to be considered SEO-friendly is ‘authenticity’. In fact, search engines like Google penalize content that’s been duplicated or plagiarized. When it comes to authenticity, nothing can beat the content produced by influencers.

Most influencers are experts in their fields, and they’ll have implemented all the advice they give readers, in their own lives. The content they create will be their own and will be extremely original.

When you curate this content and publish it on your website/blog or have an influencer guest blog for you, you automatically create unique content for yourself, thereby improving your website’s SEO. Also, social media signals (from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) directing to a website will have a great positive impact on your SEO

If you’re actively working with an influencer for your social media campaign, you can rest assured that he/she will custom-create original content to suit your needs. They will use your business and give it their own unique makeover. This will make each post of yours completely distinctive and value-adding.

  • Influencers help you build extremely strong links

Influencer marketing is a two-way street and there is no place better to see how this works than with hyperlinks. Influencers help marketers ensure that the links they use are of high-quality and provide authentic and verifiable information.

Social media influencers not only produce superior-quality content, they also curate them. Take a look at the websites of influencers like Guy Kawasaki, Neil Patel and Gary Vaynerchuk. Each one of them produces amazing, data-backed content from accredited sources.  When you work with an influencer, chances are you’ll link back to their articles to provide your readers with high-quality content which will truly add value to their business and lives.

Additionally, when you start creating noteworthy content or start working with an influencer, he/she may site your article as a source for their posts and link back to your website. When this happens, you’ll have an exceptionally strong inbound link.

  • Influencers create content that is keyword-friendly

Authenticity and strong links aside, influencers know how to play around with keywords. Whether it’s short-tailed or long-tailed, influencers know which words to use, when, where and how many times.  When you implement influencer marketing, your influencers will create superior-quality, keyword-driven content for you. These keywords will help drive traffic onto your website.

Take the example of Guy Kawasaki. His iconic post entitled ‘The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch’ is searched for by using the long-tailed keyword ‘Guy Kawasaki pitch deck’. Now, Kawasaki and his team knew what keywords customers would use to search for the article. They optimized the article for this very set of keywords, to ensure increased visibility and it worked. Today, this post is one of the most-read content in the world.

Influencers working with you will know the type of keywords readers will use to find your content. They’ll set about creating content that’s keyword-driven, helping you improve the quality of your SEO.

Final thoughts

When influencers help you improve your content originality, the quality of your backlinks and the efficiency of your keywords, they automatically improve the overall visibility and engagement of your brand; which is the fourth and final requirement for a website with strong SEO.

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