How Can Instagram Business Tools Boost Your Influencer Strategy?

Have you ever heard of Instagram business tools? Imagine you wish to create an account on Instagram. You fill in the details, and you’re about to hit submit when you get a prompt asking you to choose if you wish to create a ‘personal’ account or a ‘business’ account.

Instagram has recently allowed businesses to recognize themselves as businesses to their followers on the platform. As opposed to the traditional personal account, the business profile offers a whole new set of tools and features which can change the game for brands and influencers alike.

New tools on your Instagram Business profile

Instagram has released three new tools exclusively for their business profile. These Instagram business tools include:

  • Contact button – Brands can now link their telephone numbers, email IDs and headquarters/store address to their Instagram accounts and allow followers to directly contact them.


  • Promoted posts – This Instagram business tool allows brands to promote posts and share them on the platform. This allows brands to gain higher visibility and engagement in a shorter time.


  • Post analytics – Instagram has also included a post analytics tool on their business profile which gives excellent, comprehensive insight into post-performance.

Influencer marketing as a business on Instagram

Influencer marketing companies like ifluenz believe that the new business tools add exceptionally great value to a brand’s influencer marketing campaigns. Here’s how:

  • Influencers can now post content from the desktop

One of the biggest benefits of the Instagram business profile is the ability to post content through the desktop. For long, Instagram has been a purely-mobile application. But, the business profile allows users to post on Instagram using a desktop, via third-party platforms and desktop software.

Now influencers can plan their posts carefully, edit it and enhance it ahead of time and schedule its posting; something which isn’t possible on the personal profile.

  • Influencers can analyze the effectiveness of their content

The Instagram business tools for analytics offer immense insight into the performance of the posts published by brands. Using this feature, influencers can understand whether their followers are receptive to their content or not. They can then take informed decisions and create highly-engaging and effective content for their readers.

For brands engaged in influencer marketing, this is especially beneficial. Now you won’t have to spend the time, finances and effort creating and curating content your readers won’t be interested in.

  • Influencers can beat the challenges of the new Instagram algorithm changes

Instagram’s new algorithm doesn’t set much stock by organic content. This leaves personal accounts vulnerable to becoming invisible in the sea of Instagram accounts. Now brands have only one option – promoted content.

Influencers can choose to convert their profiles to business profiles and go with promoted posts to circumvent the challenges that the changed algorithm brings. By promoting content, your influencer partner will ensure that your posts remain in the limelight and are visible to prospective customers.

  • Influencers can connect on a more personal level with followers

The Instagram business profile also allows brands to post their contact information. If influencers wish to up their game by becoming more follower-friendly, they can link their professional details to their new account. These links (contact, email, address) can direct followers to the brand’s website/blog which in turn can improve website visits and SEO.

If you’ve enlisted the services of an influencer, you can have them edit the contact details of certain posts to direct them to your website/blog. They can even add the address to your store/office, further increasing footfalls to your business.

  • Influencers can get their hands on Instagram’s new features

A great advantage of the Instagram business profile is how dynamic the software is. The business profile is constantly updated and improved to create a comfortable experience for brands everywhere.

Influencers who choose to use the business profile can get access to the latest business tools that Instagram has to offer, which will help them further improve the work they do with you.

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