The Future of Influencer Marketing

What are the influencer marketing trends for 2018? Before we go into details, know that more than 1/3 of Twitter users actively engage with influencers every day. 70% of the teenage population on YouTube looks towards vloggers for advice on everything from fashion to education. More than 19% of all online purchases have been tracked to Facebook posts by influencers.

Statistics like these highlight the spectacular power that influencers hold. Influencer marketing is here to stay and if brands wish to make their influencer marketing choices wisely, they’ll need to be aware of the upcoming trends in the industry.

5 influencer marketing trends that’ll change the game in 2018

Here are 5 trends you need to look out for, this year:

  • Micro-influencers are set to take center stage

So far, brands have always chosen to go the mega and macro-influencer way. But 2018 will see micro-influencers entering the arena. With more brands seeking budget-friendly influencer marketing services, micro-influencers will have many brands knocking on their door for help.

Brands and micro-influencers will also consider integrating employee advocacy and customer referrals to their influencer marketing mix, as this is expected to increase the reach of their marketing efforts. This is where influencer marketing companies like Ifluenz really help. The platform counts thousands of micro-influencers and it can help you find the influencers who will do wonders for your business.

  • Tools and technology will automate the influencer marketing process

With influencer marketing growing in popularity, social media platforms are integrating tools and technology which could automate the influencer marketing process. Now brands can sign up and search for relevant influencers based on criteria like expertise, industry, social capital and so on. Influencers too can login, contact brands they’re interested in and create contracts.

Specialized influencer marketing companies have also mushroomed, improving the scene for influencers and brands alike. These firms have extensive experience working with both brands and influencers and they can take over the end-to-end process and manage brand-influencer relationships.

  • FTC compliance requirements will change the way customers view posts by influencers

The FTC’s declaration that sponsored posts on social media must be disclosed by both influencers and brands has given rise to a sticky affair for brands and influencers alike. For one, posts by influencers will no longer appear organic and will be glaringly advertisement-like.

Additionally, with the FTC changing their rules about acceptable content, influencers have a very limited hashtag vocabulary that they can tap into. This can reduce visibility online.

But for customers, the FTC regulations are a godsend and an assurance of quality content that come from authentic sources.

  • Social monetization becomes a possibility due to e-commerce integration

Platforms like Amazon and content management systems like Shopify have launched their influencer marketing platforms – Amazon Spark and Shopify VIP – which are designed to help users set up their own webstores and sell their own products. This could help influencers monetize their services by allowing them to sell their own products or provide affiliate links to the brands they’re working with.

Additionally, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are slowly introducing new features to help influencers monetize their services by generating profits for engagement received for each content piece they create.

  • Transactional marketing will be replaced by relationship marketing

As investment in influencer marketing increases, brands have begun wooing their favored influencers in earnest. When influencers notice how well they’re taken care of by brands, they are more likely to champion the brand because they truly love it.

The brand-influencer relationship will see a shift from a transaction-based model to a relationship-based model, with both the brand and the influencer making a conscious effort to take care of and nurture their relationship with the other.

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