Product launch? Don’t Do It Without Influencers

Are you planning a product launch? Research shows that 34.4% men and 15.4% women look towards brand recommendations by influencers before choosing the brand.

If you’re launching a new product, it’s time you considered the services of influencer marketing companies like ifluenz. They will help you find relevant social media influencers who match your brand identity and who can help make your product launch a roaring success.

How do influencers impact your product launch?

  • They find and engage audiences

If you’re a small brand or a new entrant to the industry, chances are you aren’t much aware who your prospects are. Partnering with an influencer is a great way to identify the right audiences. Doing so will save you time, money and marketing efforts.

Influencers will not only find audiences for you, they’ll also engage with them constantly to get them to be more receptive to your new product.

  • They associate you with their glamor

When H&M and Balmain collaborated on their fashion line in 2016, they enlisted the help of influencers Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Queen Bees of the fashion world, Hadid and Jenner gave the already much-renowned brand an additional boost of glamor.

The influencer marketing campaign started a month before the product launch and had phenomenal results. The collaboration’s new line was sold-out within hours of being launched.

  • They keep you in the limelight

An influencer’s job is to generate a buzz of activity around you in the form of mentions, comments, likes and shares. This is why they’ll create/curate well-thought-out content and will make a conscious content placement on social media to ensure that you get the highest visibility.

When they do so, it will keep you in the spotlight and will always make you the cynosure of all eyes.

  • They help you measure success

Influencer marketing is a great way to understand how much social traction you’ve gained. When influencers start posting about your product launch, you’ll get to see an immediate change in the way your brand is viewed and engaged with by prospects.

You may notice more page likes, greater website visits and maybe even higher store footfalls. You may also receive queries about your upcoming product too.

Getting the best out of influencer marketing for your product launch

Now that you know how influencers can affect your product launch, it’s time to get them on board and get started on your launch marketing. When influencer marketing, you can use these techniques to get the best out of your influencer partners:

  • Get influencers to create support products for your brand

KFC did an amazing job to promote their new line of healthy treats entitled the ‘Ricebox’ by asking fashion designer Katie Eary to design a short clothing line to complement their new product release.

When Eary released the 13 piece Ricebox-inspired clothing line and spread the word about it during the London Fashion Week, KFC found itself having a sudden upward spike in the sale of the new product.

  • Have influencers play along

News weathermen are some of the funniest and most engaging people on any news channel. Some even into turn social media superstars and become influencers. Toyota used 3 such weathermen to promote their new car’s automatic power-roof feature.

Toyota challenged the weathermen to make as accurate-a-prediction as possible, with the caveat that they had to drive around in the car with the roof open/closed as per their predictions, irrespective of what the weather really was like.

The video of this engaging experiment was one of the most-watched online and Toyota received great interest and high booking rates for their new car because of this.

  • Just ask influencers for engagement

Finally, a great way to work with influencers is to be transparent and ask them for help. When video game company EA wanted to release their new Star Wars game, they just asked celebrity Anna Kendrik to promote them on social media. The easiest way to hire influencers is to create a good and engaging influencer brief on Ifluenz let them send you post proposals for your campaign.

Join the movement of businesses who are already benefiting from Instagram influencer marketing.

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